Monday, January 16, 2012

Halloween 2011

catching up, catching up, catching up...

For Halloween my Mom made the kids costumes this year! Lyndon was Alvin and Maddie was a girl from the 50's. We had a lot of fun! It was kind of weird going to all the Halloween parties without Maddie this year. :( And it's even more weird to think that this is my last year going to all the Halloween parties because Lyndon started kindergarten in the Fall.

We made a last minute decision and went over the the Adams house to go trick-or-Treating with them this year. It was a lot of fun!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The many faces of Maddie

Just for fun one evening I took some pictures of Maddie. It's fun to see all the many facial expressions she has. She is quite the girl. She's so incredibly smart, (as in corrects my reading while I read her bedtime stories), so incredibly fashionable, so incredibly wonderful. I love this little girl and it almost scares me just how fast she is growing up. I love to see her mature but I also miss my little baby girl.

My goodness, I love her so much.

Our energy boy.

 This sums our life up with Lyndon up in just 3 pictures...

Our trip to CHICAGO!!

 I know I am waaaaaay behind on my family blog but...better late than never! 
Back in October Jonathon and I got to go on a fun little vacation to CHICAGO! When I discovered the photographer, Audrey Woulard, five years ago I have wanted to attend one of her workshops. So I wrote it on my goal list last year and viola'...I got to go!

We stayed in the awesome James Hotel right off the Magnificent Mile. We didn't even have to rent a car. We took the "L" from the airport straight to our hotel. And everywhere else we just walked.

Obviously we don't drink but the cabinet looked so cool!

The soaps smelled sooooo good! It was fun that they were all in huge bottles in the shower but I was sad I couldn't take any home. :)

cool pillow in our room.

The photography workshop was 2 days. One the first day we got to take a few pictures of some of Audrey's models. It was really fun. To be honest, I didn't learn a ton just because I'm already pretty far down the photography road. Had I gone 5 years ago it would have be SO enlightning. But I'm still really glad I went. I was able to network with a lot of other photographers and get to know some great girls.

That's Audrey on the left.

Jonathon and I walked all around downtown.

Lake Michigan. 
The weather wasn't super cold but cold for me. And while we were here on the beach some guy stripped down to his swimsuit and jumped right in the cold water. brrrrr. I was cold just watching him.

Out only shot together. :)

The Navy Pier!

More walking around downtown. Poor Mary's Cafe. I wonder what happened...

While we were there we decided to take advantage of the coolness of it all and take some pictures for Jonathon's up coming album...

Handsome, isn't he?