Saturday, October 29, 2011


My goodness how time flies! I have so much to catch up on...

Life is good. The 100+ days of temps above 100 degrees are behind us now! Phew. This summer was a killer. But at least this year we had central a/c. :) We spent a lot of time inside or in the pool (which still seemed even too hot some days). Ready for some random pictures?

From time to time Ms. Kim, Maddie's teacher, will send home some things for me to help her out with. This time she sent a bunch of constriction paper that she needed divided into colors. So we laid them all out on the kitchen table. It was kind of fun. I like organizing.

One day Lyndon found this Lizard on our back porch. Speaking of the back porch...the kids LOVE to play out there these days. Now that the weather is so nice it's been fun for them to go and play on the castle together. They are always making up some kind of game out there. Charlie LOVES to join them. If they are outside and he is not, he lets us know!

Lyndon is always dressing up as something...I think this time he was "bee man".

Lyndon is Painting with light here. I set my shutter to be open for a long time and he paints a picture using a flashlight.

Bee Man at his finest.

...soooo much for to come!