Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good-Bye "Old" Old Settlers Ward!

When September rolls around I'm always ready for a change. Change in the weather, the season, how my furniture is arranged etc. I seem to crave something just a little different. Well, this year we really got some change. Our ward just split and now we are members of a brand new ward...Stony Point. This wasn't the kind of kind of change I was anticipating. I really liked our Old Settlers Ward. I was secure. I was comfortable. I had lots of great friends that I looked forward to seeing each week. I had an awesome calling. To be honest I was pretty bummed for the first few days. I kind of felt like we unknowingly bought a house on the wrong side of the tracks, so to say. But after much thought and prayer I can honestly say things are really going to be great. This certainly doesn't mean that I won't miss seeing my friends each week. It just means that I see the vision and appreciate the necessity of the change. I already feel a bond and a love for the members in our new ward. Heavenly Father has given us an opportunity to grow and rise to the potential that we have and hold callings that we may not have had the opportunity to have while living is a ward that was so large.

So here's a shout out to my "Old" Old Settlers Ward...I sure love you guys. You've been an example of service and love to me. I've had some good memories. Here's just a few...

1. Darlene D. coming to visit teach me and holding Lyndon who was just a weeks days old. I can't say why this was so memorable for me except that I felt so much love and care from Darlene. Since I don't have family here it's so comforting to have women like this around who truly care about me and my family.

2. Here's a good one. PIER 1 KIDS going out of business craziness! Need I say more? Even though it truly was a frightening experience trying to push and pull my way to victory, I had so much fun with you girls. I kept thinking I should have gotten each of you a shirt that said, "I survived the Pier 1 Kids Mob". Who knows that still could make a good Christmas gift.

3. Halloween Parties at the Hernadez house. They were always so generous to lendus their yard and allow the whole ward to swarm in. Maddie spent her first and second Halloween here. I'll always remember the fun we had there.

4. Craft night at Gina A. house turning into Craft late late night. I think it's the wee morning hours that you can truly get to know a person. BTW, I've tried making migas at home and it's just not the same. When are we going again?

5. I loved our "Pre-nursery" in Sunday school. It was so fun sitting in the back watching all the little guys running around sharing toys and food. Thanks to all of you who patiently gave my little beggar (aka:Lyndon) snacks. I'm really going to miss that.

6. Monthly luncheons were always fun. Remember when the ward was small enough that we could actually have it in our homes. Even then it was wild and crazy.

7. My favorite calling...Laurel Advisor. To the next Laurel are in for a treat. These girls are so great. I've had so much fun getting to know them. I'm proud to call each of them my friend. It made me feel so good that they actually liked to hang around me. I hope Maddie turns out as wonderful as these girls are are. Thanks for the laughs and for teaching me how to text message. I'll never be as fast as you but it's something to aspire to, right? :)

All in all it was a great 2 years that we all spent together. I'll never forget what each of you have taught me. And don't think this is a good bye. I still plan on seeing your cute faces just not on Sunday. I sure love you.

Below is a picture of what Jonathon and I got to come home to on Friday night. Mallory, Ariel and sure know how to put a smile on my face. Thank you.

Two buds...

Maddie and her Dad have a strong bond. They're just two peas is a pod.
A few months ago I went out for the evening and Lyndon was in bed. When I got home at around 11 pm I found Maddie and Jonathon still up watching "X-Men" (Her choice. She loves Wolverine, go figure.) and eating pizza. They were both in heaven. Now whenever I leave Maddie yells out, "Yay! Pizza and Pop!" I think secretly she can't wait for me to have a night with the girls so she can have a night with her best bud.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cereal Therapy

I had a particularly rough morning yesterday. Life just wasn't going my way. (How dare it.) But Lyndon brought me to a happy place. He came to sit on my lap and we both snuggled in his silky blanket while he fed me sugar puffs, one by one. There's just something therapeutic about having little sticky fingers pop yummy sweet cereal into your mouth. Thanks Lyndon. You're the best. I don't think any girl will be good enough for you! Don't I sound like the best mother-in-law in the whole world? :) Oh wait, actually we already know who Lyndon is going to marry. Her name is Izzy Brown and she's a beauty. Okay, Izzy, you're good enough for my little gem.

Lyndon and Izzy...doesn't that sound like somekind of rockstar duo?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Note to self...

when taking Maddie to the public restroom with Lyndon tagging along make sure I find a stall that has no neighboring occupants.

I was so focused on making sure that Maddie didn’t fall in the toilet that I neglected Lyndon just long enough to see him peeking underneath the stall at the poor woman next to us. So what's etiquette for a situation such as this? Do you politely apologize through the door or just not say anything? I chose the latter. Although it was a little ackward while she was washing her hands and Lyndon just kept right on staring at her.

These pictures have no significance other than I just like them and forgot I took them. I found them amongst the 1000's of pictures I was sifting through tonight.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Maddie...The bathroom expert.

Now that Maddie is potty trained we tend to visit many different bathrooms in the community and at our friends houses.

She makes me giggle beause everytime we visit a new bathroom she loves to make comments on each one. Recently we were at a friends brand new house and as Maddie and I enter the bathroom she exclaims, "This is a beautiful bathroom. Isn't is so nice, Mom? I can't wait to wash my hands." And at another friends house last night she commented, "I really like this bathroom. Wow, this is lovely."

First of all what's with the facination of bathrooms? And second, I'm kind of curious what she thinks about my bathroom. She's probably thinking, this place really needs a good cleaning!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music is the best

I'm up working on editing a recent photo shoot and I took a little break to check out some friends blogs. I ended up on one that had some music playing.

It's AMAZING what music can do to a person! As the song started I got this huge wave of happiness come over me. It made me energetic and peaceful all at the same time.

Most of you know that Jonathon is finally in the middle of writing his latest cd. He's been going up against a brick wall with this thing for the last few years. He would take 3 steps forward and go 2 steps back. But the light is finally visible.

I want him to know how proud I am of his ability, talent and determination. It's people like him who bring us the music in this world to lift, encourage and inspire.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our own live-in comedians

I think Maddie deserves a medal for her ability to find the very best Dollar Store treasures. We all know about the amazing wig from our last trip. Well, this one is equally as awesome. This beauty came from the "party favors" isle. I didn't really see what is was until after she had a hold of it for a while and was determined that this be her prize for the day. And what a prize it is...

Here it is around her neck. "Oh, two lovely necklaces", you might think. Yes, it is two lovely necklaces. Now look a little closer...
That's right! A drinking cup to be worn around the neck for drinks on the fly and a whistle you can blow when a "hottie" crosses your path. Maddie was equally excited about both of these gems. She declared, "Now I can have a drink while I'm walking"! And thanks to Jonathon every time I walk in the room now she blows the whistle and yells, "Hottie!" It's a good thing the children's Book of Mormon came in the mail today so I don't feel like such a failure.

I had to get a picture of Lyndon in one of his favorite spots in the house. I find him sitting here frequently. He just plays quietly with all the toys within his reach.

Now for his all time FAVORITE past time. Our own little drummer boy. He loves the drums. LOVES them. Did I mention how much he loving drumming?! He's really good too. I know I'm just his Mom, but this kid has got some skills. Last night he was giving us a performance and really wailing on the drums.
After a few strokes he would expertly slide the left stick into his right hand and ...
take a bow! He is quite the performer.
After the drum performance Maddie had to come in and "girlie up" the area. She turned Lyndon's drum into a table for a tea party. Lyndon didn't mind. He joined in the fun immediately. He just wondered where Cinderella was.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

in the minds of kids...

Today Maddie and I decided to plant some grass seed so we could watch it grow over the next several weeks. Everything went as expected, we put in some drainage, then some soil, planted the seeds and then covered it with some more soil. Maddie helped every step of the way.
Then came time to water the soil. As I'm sprinkling water into my pot I began to explain that the water is what will make the seed grow into grass. All of a sudden she looked up at me
with a terrified look in her eyes and started to run behind me. Maddie and I are both very afraid of bees. We were outside so I too get up and start looking around for the bee. (A little nervous myself to be honest.)
There was never a bee.
Maddie finally explained to me the source of her fear. When I said that the water is what will make the seed grow into grass she was anticipating the grass to instantly shoot up out of the pot once we watered it! (I'm still chuckling as I type this.)
I love the way kids think.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just call me Super Woman

I was upstairs calling out good bye to Jonathon when Lyndon, hearing good-bye, jets for the ungated stairs...
I look up quickly to see him start rolling and tumbling down our very long stairs heading straight for the hard wood floor below.
As a mother, what do you do?
Fly, of course.
I literally ran (flew) around the banister and down the stairs fast enough to catch him 3 stairs from the bottom.
I was like that mom you always hear about who all of a sudden has super human strength to lift a car and save her child. Only instead of super human strength, I flew.
Just call me super woman.
(*Note to the gransparents: Just for your peace of mind I want you to know that under normal circumstances I ALWAYS have the gate up while we are upstairs. Lyndon, or should I say Jonathon's son (if you catch my drift), literally bolted and ran to the stairs in 2 seconds flat.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Junk Food Junkie

Its said that most people who watch the Olympics usually begin taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. You know how it is you see those ripped athletes and watch their stories about how they work out 8 hours a day and eat nothing but salads and chicken breast and all of a sudden you want to be just like that. Your motivation to work out and eat right has sky rocketed. I'm usually one of those people...until this year.
You see Jonathon is in love with the Olympics. He happened to be at the grocery store the day of the opening ceremonies. So because he is such a die hard fan he wanted to really make it special for us and decided to buy a tremendous amount of junk food. M&M's, cookies, chips, pop...the list goes on. You think I could have some control and limit myself? Make it last throughout the entire games? Nope. While most people get healthier during the Olympics, I get fatter. I'm actually munching on M&M's as I type this. Somebody help me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here's to Lyndon...

I was planning on just writing a small blurb on what Lyndon did at Target tonight but as I was looking through all the pictures of him I just could help but get a little sentimental. So Lyndon, here's to you...

He is my little sweetheart. My friend, Amy M., was telling me before Lyndon was born that I was going to love having a boy because he will be my little boyfriend. She was right. How could I have been so lucky? He has always been my little man. I could tell early on that he absolutely adores me. His little face literally lights up when I walk in the room.

He is such a cuddle monkey. He loves to nuzzle his little face in my neck. Right before I put him down to bed I let him turn the light on and off several times. After each time he has to lean over and give me a kiss. I melt. Then I wrap him in his silky blanket and he gives me the biggest hugs. It's one of my favorite times of the day.

He is SO EASY GOING! From day one he slept pretty much through the night. (A gift straight to me from Heavenly Father!) If we were driving in the car and he got hungry, he would fuss a little to let me know and then just wait patiently until I could get to him.

He loves to eat. He will spend a good 45 minutes to an hour actively eating at each meal.

His little giggle and laugh are contagious.

He's a chick magnet. He can't help but attract any lady that is within his smile or laugh radius. He lures them over with his beautiful blue eyes and then keeps them there with his sweet smile and friendly waves. I've had many people tell me he should be in commercials. Can we say, "College fund"?

Now for the Target the toy isle in Target tonight something caught Lyndon's eye and he was off the investigate. I called out for him to stop and wait for me but he didn't even turn around. (Nothing new.) I thought okay, I'm going to get the better of him and pretend that I didn't follow him, make him a little panicked that he wandered off by himself. Well, I ended up following him for a good 10 minutes while he went from toy to toy, isle to isle. He didn't even look up ONCE to see where I was. He knew he was alone and he was nothing less than thrilled. We knew he was happy with is situation when I finally reveled myself to him and said, "Bye Lyndon. See ya later. We're going home", as I slipped out of sight. His response? A half-hearted wave good-bye without even glacing up at me. Good to know where we stand.

Enjoy the photo gallery of Lyndon...above photo courtesy of Gina Adams

I love you buddy.
*I haven't forgotten about Maddie...her tribute will come soon! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday I took the kids to the Dollar Store. (Something for them to do that didn't involve being outside.) I told Maddie she could choose one thing while we were there. Of all the toys, jewelry, trinkets, puzzles etc. what does she choose? ....this WIG! Do you think she's a little remorseful about choppig her long hair off? I just about died laughing. She has worn it almost nonstop since she got it. She even took it to bed with her. Who knows, maybe this was her plan all along. She really just wanted curly black hair!

Here she is "just thinking" as she pointed out to me.

Lyndon loves going down the slide, around through the door, down the slide around through the door...He almost makes me dizzy watching him.

It's so fun to see them play together. It seems like they are starting to do it more and more. It does come with a fair share of yelling back and forth though. Actually it's usually Maddie who's yelling. Lyndon just lets things roll off and goes on to find other things to do. Is this a boy thing or a good temprament thing? I don't know, but I love it.

So these next two pictures Maddie actually took. The first one we set the timer. She gets it all ready, pushes the timer and runs to sit down.

I was holding my big camera and Maddie said, "Can I take a picture"? Well, I gave it to her before I could think about what it meant to have a 2 year old hold my precious camera without me right next to her. (I'm quite a bit further back than it seems because of the lens.) I can honestly say I was throughly impressed with how she did. She was very careful and I can tell she has been watching everything I do because she held it just right and then when she was done she turned it around toward me and said, "Do you want to see yourself"?!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A day to record

So I decided to finally start a family blog! No better day than today because we have some exciting news to share. So our daily ritual is to get up, eat breakfast play for a while and then Lyndon takes a morning nap. While he's nappng Maddie plays on or watches PBS on TV. (Actually now she can watch Disney because we just got dish network! Yay for of us!) While she's watching or playing, I take the opportunity to get in the shower. Okay, that doesn't happen everyday but MOST days, thank you very much. I get out of the shower and open the door to check on her and this is what I see.

My first thought is Huh, I don't remember cutting my hair and leaving it on the floor... I'm obviously in complete denial. So I keep walking to find the new hair stylist living in our house. Good thing she left a trail for me to follow...

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She looks somewhat remorseful in this picture but in reality she was extremely proud of herself! On the positive side, it could have been worse. She could have cut those bangs A LOT shorter.

So off we went to the salon. I went to "Snip-It's". It's a child salon. She had so much fun that I think she felt kind of rewarded for cutting her own hair. DARN. Oh well, at least the stylist was able to turn it into a cute style.

Here's aview from the front.

Oh, I thought I would throw one in of Lyndon just to show that he is completely unphased by all the drama today or any day. Just as happy as ever...

And a view from behind. Like I said, I think it is quite cute but when we got home Jonathon just looked at me with an "I don't know what say" look. Well, I think our blog has started out with a bang! This is the only defiant thing she will ever do, right? :)