Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday I took the kids to the Dollar Store. (Something for them to do that didn't involve being outside.) I told Maddie she could choose one thing while we were there. Of all the toys, jewelry, trinkets, puzzles etc. what does she choose? ....this WIG! Do you think she's a little remorseful about choppig her long hair off? I just about died laughing. She has worn it almost nonstop since she got it. She even took it to bed with her. Who knows, maybe this was her plan all along. She really just wanted curly black hair!

Here she is "just thinking" as she pointed out to me.

Lyndon loves going down the slide, around through the door, down the slide around through the door...He almost makes me dizzy watching him.

It's so fun to see them play together. It seems like they are starting to do it more and more. It does come with a fair share of yelling back and forth though. Actually it's usually Maddie who's yelling. Lyndon just lets things roll off and goes on to find other things to do. Is this a boy thing or a good temprament thing? I don't know, but I love it.

So these next two pictures Maddie actually took. The first one we set the timer. She gets it all ready, pushes the timer and runs to sit down.

I was holding my big camera and Maddie said, "Can I take a picture"? Well, I gave it to her before I could think about what it meant to have a 2 year old hold my precious camera without me right next to her. (I'm quite a bit further back than it seems because of the lens.) I can honestly say I was throughly impressed with how she did. She was very careful and I can tell she has been watching everything I do because she held it just right and then when she was done she turned it around toward me and said, "Do you want to see yourself"?!


KatieB said...

that wig is hilarious! i can't wait to see it in person!

Where's the Fire? said...

Flippin' hilarious! We miss you guys too. I am sure our paths will cross again though, because inevitably the Graham's will need something and the Evan's always seem to have what we need :)

Janene said...

Oh, I LOVE the wig!!!!!! I am thinking she'll never cut the hair again!

Karen said...

that wig is hillarious! I love the pics you take, you do such a good job

Randi said...

I say, wear the wig to church! That wig is probley the GREATEST thing I have ever seen purchased at a dollar store, except for Jelly Belly Flops. But seriously, the best purchase!
You also have a budding photgrapher on your hands there- I look forward to seeing all of your collective works. :)

caroline said...

She looks totally serious about that wig!! love it! You always want what you don't have right!? I'm totally impressed to see that your talent has been passed to her at such an early age!! good job mom.

Cassie, Jordan, & Jackson Gardner said...

the wig is too cute! i love it!