Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good-Bye "Old" Old Settlers Ward!

When September rolls around I'm always ready for a change. Change in the weather, the season, how my furniture is arranged etc. I seem to crave something just a little different. Well, this year we really got some change. Our ward just split and now we are members of a brand new ward...Stony Point. This wasn't the kind of kind of change I was anticipating. I really liked our Old Settlers Ward. I was secure. I was comfortable. I had lots of great friends that I looked forward to seeing each week. I had an awesome calling. To be honest I was pretty bummed for the first few days. I kind of felt like we unknowingly bought a house on the wrong side of the tracks, so to say. But after much thought and prayer I can honestly say things are really going to be great. This certainly doesn't mean that I won't miss seeing my friends each week. It just means that I see the vision and appreciate the necessity of the change. I already feel a bond and a love for the members in our new ward. Heavenly Father has given us an opportunity to grow and rise to the potential that we have and hold callings that we may not have had the opportunity to have while living is a ward that was so large.

So here's a shout out to my "Old" Old Settlers Ward...I sure love you guys. You've been an example of service and love to me. I've had some good memories. Here's just a few...

1. Darlene D. coming to visit teach me and holding Lyndon who was just a weeks days old. I can't say why this was so memorable for me except that I felt so much love and care from Darlene. Since I don't have family here it's so comforting to have women like this around who truly care about me and my family.

2. Here's a good one. PIER 1 KIDS going out of business craziness! Need I say more? Even though it truly was a frightening experience trying to push and pull my way to victory, I had so much fun with you girls. I kept thinking I should have gotten each of you a shirt that said, "I survived the Pier 1 Kids Mob". Who knows that still could make a good Christmas gift.

3. Halloween Parties at the Hernadez house. They were always so generous to lendus their yard and allow the whole ward to swarm in. Maddie spent her first and second Halloween here. I'll always remember the fun we had there.

4. Craft night at Gina A. house turning into Craft late late night. I think it's the wee morning hours that you can truly get to know a person. BTW, I've tried making migas at home and it's just not the same. When are we going again?

5. I loved our "Pre-nursery" in Sunday school. It was so fun sitting in the back watching all the little guys running around sharing toys and food. Thanks to all of you who patiently gave my little beggar (aka:Lyndon) snacks. I'm really going to miss that.

6. Monthly luncheons were always fun. Remember when the ward was small enough that we could actually have it in our homes. Even then it was wild and crazy.

7. My favorite calling...Laurel Advisor. To the next Laurel are in for a treat. These girls are so great. I've had so much fun getting to know them. I'm proud to call each of them my friend. It made me feel so good that they actually liked to hang around me. I hope Maddie turns out as wonderful as these girls are are. Thanks for the laughs and for teaching me how to text message. I'll never be as fast as you but it's something to aspire to, right? :)

All in all it was a great 2 years that we all spent together. I'll never forget what each of you have taught me. And don't think this is a good bye. I still plan on seeing your cute faces just not on Sunday. I sure love you.

Below is a picture of what Jonathon and I got to come home to on Friday night. Mallory, Ariel and sure know how to put a smile on my face. Thank you.


caroline-asay said...

I miss seeing you guys on Sunday!
Thank goodness for blogs!

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

Church ain't as much fun without y'all!