Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our new family picture

I wanted to post our updated family picture...according to Madaline.

She LOVES to pretend. Loves it. She will stay in character for days on end. Lately she had decided that we are no longer Dad, Mom, Maddie and Lyndon. We are now respectively Donald, Daisy, Minnie and Pluto. Yes, she calls me Daisy in the house, at the grocery store, in McDonald's, in the car. You name it. She's very serious about her pretending too. If I accidentaly slip up and call her Maddie (heaven forbid) she politely corrects and me and says, "No Mom, it's Minnie."

Here's a snippet of our conversation while we were at McDonalds:

Maddie (yelling from the play stucture to our table): "Daisy, come over here and see this."

Me: "You'll have to wait until Lyndon is done eating, Minnie."

Maddie: "Dasiy, why don't you just use a mouse-ka-tool to help PLUTO finish eating?"


Maddie: "Daisy, go ahead and say it...Oh toodles!"


Me: "Oh toodles"

I know everyone at McDonalds loved our re-enactment of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Anna said...

That is too funny! So did that help "Pluto" finish eating? haha You have to love the imagination! :)

Where's the Fire? said...

So funny! I love when little kids pretend too. It takes you out of adulthood reality even if it is a little embarrassing. Or actually, a lot embarrassing :)

Nicole said...

That is FUNNY! Especially because we have recently been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at our house too.

caroline-asay said...

What a character Maddie is! I love the dialog.