Friday, August 26, 2011

The countdown begins!

School in finally on the horizon in the Evans home! Maddie starts school in only 3 short days. Jonathon and I can't believe it. We went to the "meet your teacher" tonight and I almost burst into tears at least 3 times. She's ready. She's been ready for a few years now. It's Jonathon and I who still need more time.

We made these countdowns so the kids can see just how many more days until Maddie is gone...

She starts on Tuesday and more pictures and tears will follow. :)

the owl

Maddie got the cutest backpack EVER! You be the judge, but come on...just look at how adorable that owl is! I needed a few pics for my photo blog so Maddie helped me out. Charlie and Lyndon had to get in a few too.

our new baby.

how adorable is he?

guess who's the better artist?

Maddie and Lyndon came to me and asked if I would draw them a seahorse. Sure, no problem. So I starting drawing but for some reason I just couldn't figure out how it looked. I drew the first one and knew that wasn't right so I tried seahorse #2, still off. It looked more like a sea monster than a seahorse.

So then they went to Jonathon...he totally showed me up! Check out his seahorse...Can you guess whose is whose?

The bats.

One of the big tourist attractions downtown Austin during the summer is...the bats. I don't know if you realized but Austin has the world largest bat population in the world!! They sleep under the Congress Bridge during the day and then at dusk they all fly out! There are over a million of them so you can imagine what a sight it is (and how stinky it gets).

We've lived here for 5 years and this was the first time we went to the bridge to see them. Our friends, The Barlows and The Willards joined us. It was so fun. All of our kids are are the same age and get along so well. After we watched the bats we went to Rita's for Italian ice. yum, yum. It was HOT but so fun.

We took Charlie along. Everyone kept stopping say how adorable he is. We agree!

We all brought lots of treats to keep the kids entertained.

Lyndon, Maddie and Lucy sharing some candy.

Beautiful Stella.

Stella and beautiful Momma, Lonna.

There is a huge crowd every night!

Maddie and Lucy.

The bats...

People even watch them right on the Lake.

The best we could get of all the kids...

My book in available in print!!

I've been so busy lately with all that's been going on with my book. The latest and greatest news is that it is now available in print! It was so fun to see the actual book. I've had a lot of sales, which has been keeping me busy busy but it's fun to see my project grow...

Monday, August 15, 2011

We were in the news!

Our house was seen on the news today...

The fire was actually the house behind ours. (This was Jonathon's idea about how to post the pictures. :) ) This morning I thought I heard our neighbors power washing their house. But nope, as it turns out it was the fireman spraying down their flame engulfed house. Luckily no one was home. However, 3 people were injured from smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. Click here for the news story.

I'm grateful that wasn't my house. What are you grateful for today?