Friday, August 26, 2011

The bats.

One of the big tourist attractions downtown Austin during the summer is...the bats. I don't know if you realized but Austin has the world largest bat population in the world!! They sleep under the Congress Bridge during the day and then at dusk they all fly out! There are over a million of them so you can imagine what a sight it is (and how stinky it gets).

We've lived here for 5 years and this was the first time we went to the bridge to see them. Our friends, The Barlows and The Willards joined us. It was so fun. All of our kids are are the same age and get along so well. After we watched the bats we went to Rita's for Italian ice. yum, yum. It was HOT but so fun.

We took Charlie along. Everyone kept stopping say how adorable he is. We agree!

We all brought lots of treats to keep the kids entertained.

Lyndon, Maddie and Lucy sharing some candy.

Beautiful Stella.

Stella and beautiful Momma, Lonna.

There is a huge crowd every night!

Maddie and Lucy.

The bats...

People even watch them right on the Lake.

The best we could get of all the kids...

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