Sunday, August 23, 2009

comic relief

Often times Maddie will fall asleep first so to entertain himself, Lyndon quietly goes out in the hall and reads books. This is how we found him a couple nights ago...

We went into the kids room tonight for what we thought was going to be 10 minutes of a story, a prayer and then off to bed, but we were mistaken.

It was far more fun than we ever imagined.

We literally laughed until our sides hurt for 45 minutes. Between Maddie's magic tricks and asking Jonathon if he will "pleeeeeease marry her" and Lyndon throwing a stick across the room and telling Jonathon to "fetcccch it", not to mention an out of the blue cowboy impersonation, "giiiitty up, partner!", we just couldn't catch our breath for air.

It's fun to be the parents of two mini comedians.
Maddie was in the bathtub a few nights ago. As she laid back in the water propping her head up with her hands she sighed, "Ahhhhh, this is the life." I know I keep saying this but Where the heck does she come up with these things?
We went to a birthday party for one of Maddie and Lyndon's friends yesterday. Harry Potter was the theme so each child got to paint their own wand. (such a cute and fun idea, Erin!) Lyndon doesn't have a clue about Harry Potter or what to do with a wand (even though he could easily be mistaken for a Ron Weasley) so he has since used his wand for a) a microphone b) a drum stick (although is bugs him that he doesn't have 2) c) a guitar and d) a weapon.
Lyndon found a little mini fireball candy in the pantry. He came running to me saying, "pweeeze pweeeze, open, open." I explained to him that it was really hot and would burn his mouth. I took it from him and set it on the table. The next thing I know I go in the pantry and find his mouth all red, the candy on the floor and Lyndon looking up at me saying very slow and steady, "Dis is weeelllly HOT, Dis is weeeellly HOT." Poor kid. You'd think he'd learn his lesson from this incident.

We went bowling this week with the Adam's family. (Not Uncle Fester...) The kids had a good time. I asked Maddie what her favorite part was. Her reply, "Watching the balls come up out of that machine that makes the balls." Ahhh, it's the simple stuff in life, isn't it?

This is Gina's newest edition, Issaac. I didn't think it could happen but this little butterball is even more laid back than Lyndon was. He didn't make a peep the whole time. Just sat there and watched everything that was going on. Such a cutie.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Holiday Photo Sessions!

So yeah, it's actually time to start thinking about holiday photos...I can't believe it either. Check out my photo blog for all the awesome specials!!!

(There's even something for you Idaho/Utah people!! know how I love you.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember these?

Did you ever make a house out of blankets? I can remember my sisters and I would transform our WHOLE family room into a mansion of blankets. I can vividly remember how it looked in our blanket house because we would always use this red blanket that would make the light kind of retro looking. It was cozy in there. We would have to crawl around very carefully as not to disrupt the fragile balance act of our beloved new home. (but more importantly my sister Heather would not be pleased if we carelessly brought he whole creation down after all her, uh I mean, OUR hard work.) Awww, the sweet and simple life when I was happily content with a 10x10 square foot home.

Maddie and Lyndon needed to have so blanket house memories too. except they just got a blanket shack instead of the mansion. (It's stinkin' hard to keep those blankets up. How did we used to do it? I think I need a quick tutorial refresher course. Heather?)

Maddie had to "be the cook" of the house. So she starts by washing up. I love what a meticulous
imagination she has. She has always made sure she turns the pretend water on (counter clock wise) and turns it off (clock wise). Quite observant, that girl.

Lyndon gets to "give orders" to the cook through the window.

Yep, now he's licking the kitchen. At least Maddie finds it funny that he's licking off about 2 years of dust. yum.

We are in the process of making a book. Maddie has written it and I took the pictures for it. Here's a little taste of what's in there:

She's always a princess at heart. Check out the tattered Aurora dress! She has litterally loved this thing to death.

Constant jumping.

Lyndon LOVES to hold Maddie's hand. He'll hold her hand when we're walking in the store over holding mine.

It's a love...

...hate relationship. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Maddie has occupied this bedroom for 3 years now. The blinds were never tampered with.
Lyndon has occupied this room for 3 months and now the blinds looks like this:

any questions?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maddie came to find me tonight and said in a high-pitched sober tone, "Mom, I have some bad news...every time I ask Lyndon to hold my hand and he won't, it breaks my heart."

I should receive a medal for holding in my laughter during perilous times such as these.

Out of the blue one day Maddie says, "I don't like aliens, they creep me out." o-kay. I wonder what she's been watching? Speaking of watching, her favorite show lately is "Phineas and Ferb". Am I crazy, or is that show really funny? I find myself laughing out loud at least 3 or 4 times each episode. ..."I know what we're gonna do today, Ferb!" Yes, I can even quote lines from it.

After Maddie and Lyndon were in bed Maddie came out, acting as the spokesperson for the two of them. They wanted some chocolate milk in a sippy. I told them if they could stay in bed for 10 minutes and NOT get out, even once, I would bring them up some chocolate milk. They agreed and I closed the door. After about a minute I hear Maddie say, "Lyndon! NO! Don't do it! She really wont' bring us any milk if you go out!! STOP!" He must have listened because he didn't come out. So 10 minutes passed and true to my word, I opened their bedroom door with 2 sippies of chocolate milk. As soon as I walked in Maddie turned to Lyndon with a smile and said, "See what I mean, Lyndon?". I can really get used to this Maddie enforcer girl.

Lyndon was sitting at the island eating and out of the blue said, "ah-poo-dee-zee" and then lets out a big laugh. What? I'm clueless. So I asked him to repeat himself. Again, he says, "ah-poo-dee-zee". I'm still not catching it so I turn to his interpreter, Maddie. "Maddie, what did he just say?" "Oops-a-daisy". Oh, of course.

Thank goodness for Maddie. She's helps me out all day deciphering Lyndon's words. She's right pretty much every time. I should start paying her by the hour.

So here's what we've been doing this summer...
turning on the hose and playing in the water. Sadly though, even the water from the hose is warm.
(it's been over 100 degrees for something like over 50 days now. It's sickening.)

classic Maddie.

classic Lyndon.

This is how the fun ended... Maddie thought she saw an ant.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calling all e-mail addresses!! ...we're going private, people.

After much thought we decided to go private. There's just too much crazy stuff and scary weirdos out there for me to keep our blog public.

SOOOOO.....all of you who read our blog and want to keep up with our two silly monkeys (because let's face it, it's really all about them), just leave your e-mail in the comments section or send me an e-mail at:

P.S. To those of you who read our blog and are like, "Oh, she doesn't really know me that well maybe I shouldn't ask to be added to her private blog..." Get over it and send me your e-mail anyways. Just let me know how I know you. Oh yeah, and you can't be one of those creepy weirdo's either.

(and mom, I have your e-mail don't worry.)