Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember these?

Did you ever make a house out of blankets? I can remember my sisters and I would transform our WHOLE family room into a mansion of blankets. I can vividly remember how it looked in our blanket house because we would always use this red blanket that would make the light kind of retro looking. It was cozy in there. We would have to crawl around very carefully as not to disrupt the fragile balance act of our beloved new home. (but more importantly my sister Heather would not be pleased if we carelessly brought he whole creation down after all her, uh I mean, OUR hard work.) Awww, the sweet and simple life when I was happily content with a 10x10 square foot home.

Maddie and Lyndon needed to have so blanket house memories too. except they just got a blanket shack instead of the mansion. (It's stinkin' hard to keep those blankets up. How did we used to do it? I think I need a quick tutorial refresher course. Heather?)

Maddie had to "be the cook" of the house. So she starts by washing up. I love what a meticulous
imagination she has. She has always made sure she turns the pretend water on (counter clock wise) and turns it off (clock wise). Quite observant, that girl.

Lyndon gets to "give orders" to the cook through the window.

Yep, now he's licking the kitchen. At least Maddie finds it funny that he's licking off about 2 years of dust. yum.

We are in the process of making a book. Maddie has written it and I took the pictures for it. Here's a little taste of what's in there:

She's always a princess at heart. Check out the tattered Aurora dress! She has litterally loved this thing to death.

Constant jumping.

Lyndon LOVES to hold Maddie's hand. He'll hold her hand when we're walking in the store over holding mine.

It's a love...

...hate relationship. :)

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Karen said...

It's the same way with my two. I love it when they get along and HATE it when they don't.