Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun in the sun

Lyndon makes me lol at least 5 times a day. (side note: Because I'm in my early 30's I didn't know what "lol" meant for the longest time. I didn't really want to ask anyone because I didn't want to feel dumb. So after trying to figure it out using context clues I came to the conclusion that is meant "Lots of Love". That is until I received an e-mail from an older gentleman in my ward and he used "lol" in his e-mail to me. I immediately realized it DID NOT mean "Lot's of love" but meant "laugh out loud". hahaha.) On to Lyndon. He makes me lol at least 8 (I know I just said 5 but it's actually around 8.) times a day. Seriously. He is so funny. This summer we've been swimming as much as possible because it's the only thing Maddie and Lyndon can do when it's 100 and whatever degrees with humidity. This week while at the pool Maddie and I were in the deeper part together and I was watching Lyndon who is was trying to get in on some pretend play with 2 little girls who looked about 5 or 6 years old. One little girl was pretending to be a dolphin while the other girls chased her. Lyndon totally wanted in. He loves chasing games. He would walk up to the girls and start chasing but they were just oblivious to the poor little 3 year old who oh so desperately wanted to join them. The next think I know Lyndon gets out of the pool and stands on the side watching the girls to see if they'll notice him. About 5 seconds after he stood up on the side a huge helicopter flew right behind him up in the sky. The girls were looking at the helicopter and then proceeded to point excitedly at the helicopter. Lyndon, oblivious to the chopper, thinks they are pointing to him. I could just see the wheels turning in his head and the excitement in his whole body. "YES! They're looking at me!", he's thinking. Then all of a sudden he turns himself into Wolverine. Yes, that's right, I said wolverine, the comic character. He does this by immediately sticking out his "Claws" which are his 4 fingers on each hand while he curls his thumbs inward. He stuck his arms straight down stiff like a soldier with his claws piercing the air. He face had a look of fury and complete determination...HE. WAS. WOLVERINE. And HE. WAS. AWESOME. All the while the girls are still pointing (at the helicopter.) I could see the look of triumph on his face (beneath the terrifying exterior of his wolverine face.) He was thinking. "I did it! I really did it! Those girls LOVE me. They think I am so cool! I am cool. I'm Wolverine." When the helicopter finally passed the girls stopped pointing and continued to play their game. Lyndon, as confident as ever jumped back into the pool and marched right over to Maddie and I to which he exclaimed with a stern hard face, "I'm wolverine."

Lyndon, Oh Lyndon. (Said in "So I Married an Ax Murderer" fashion) :)

Yesterday I heard Lyndon singing to the tune of "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam". Except he made up new lyrics. He sang, "Jesus wants me to use sun SCREEN! ...sun SCREEN, oh sun SCREEN!"
...I wonder if he knows the real words and he's putting the new words in or if he really thinks they're saying sunscreen... either way, clever.

Maddie says to me, "Mom, do you know what black ants eat? ...sugar. Do you know what red ants eat? ...humans."

pretty accurate, I'd say.

So yes, we've been spending out days taking lots of trips to the pool. Thank goodness for a way to cool off. Maddie and Lydnon adore the pool. We use LOTS of sunscreen. I love sunscreen. And apparently "Jesus wants us to use sun SCREEN." :)

He was whipping his hair around so I could "get a good picture of him" as he put it.

I have a new hobby...get ready for this...are you ready...I would have never's...SEWING. I know, gasp. My mom is an amazing seamstress. She could make us ANYTHING when we were growing up. And I mean anything...cabbage patch dolls, clothes, prom dresses, hair name it. Cool, right? Well yeah, I think that cool now but as a kid I hated being at the store and hearing the phrase, "I could make that". I have my own sewing machine, thanks to my wonderful mom, but I never thought I'd make anything beyond pillows or curtains. But look out! I made a new friend a few weeks ago. Her name is Dana and she is so much fun to get to know. She's one of those fun creative people and so much fun to be around. AND she has this awesome sewing blog called, "Made". She makes the cutest things. Really. Check out the blog, you'll want to dust off your sewing machine and give it a whirl. She's totally inspired me to start sewing a few things on my own. So I started with making Maddie a dress out of a black T-shirt from Jonathon's closet and a brown t-shirt from my closet. I even make my very own "Jack Skelington" (From the Nightmare before Christmas) freezer paper stencil. So a big thanks to my Mom for inspiring me my whole life and for Dana for giving me that little nudge to get going.

Jon and I like to be do-it-youselfers. We paint. We stain. We cut wood. We make our own music videos. We make our own websites. But the one thing he has never felt comfortable with was working on our car. We knew we needed new brake pads (by the irritating SQEEEEEAAAAK). I took it to the shop and found out we need not just new brake pad on all four brakes but 2 new rotors as well. The grand total...$685.00. That was a pretty good chunk of change to us. So Jonathon got on youtube and watched videos about how to change the pads and rotors. I called my Dad, who is a great mechanic and asked if he thought it was something Jonathon could do on his own. My Dad didn't even hesitate..."Yes.", he said. ( When I was in college, my dad walked me step by step, over the phone, through changing out an alternator. He's just that good.) So with the help from youtube, my Dad and my brother...Jon did it!!! He changed all four brake pads AND the rear rotors! And guess how much it cost? ...$150.00!! Pretty sweet. So it looks like I'm married to a mechanic. How cool is that?

I pointed out a few things in our garage...just in case you were wondering. I know you were. Admit it. :)

stay tuned for pictures of my latest sewing'll be dazzled, I'm sure.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lyndon's birthday...finally.

Maddie was telling Jonathon all about her future husband. After she explained a few qualities he was going to have Jonathon asked,
"Is he handsome?"
Jon-"Is he smart?"
Jon-Is he strong?"
Jon-"Stronger than me?"
Maddie- "OOOh yeeeeah."
Jonathon is silent.
Maddie- "I" BIG SMILE.

For some reason Lyndon has been snorting. Someone, somewhere must have laughed at him when he snorted once so that set it off. Every time he laughs now he will throw in a snort or two and watch for people's reaction. He loves to perform.

The other day Maddie says to Jonathon, "I've been listening to the Holy Ghost."
Jon replies, "Oh yeah? What did He have to say?" To which Maddie frankly answers, "To be nice and to not lift up my dress when I have panties on."

I hope she's listening...

Lyndon, thanks to Maddie, loves all things pretty.

I came in Maddie's room to find them all set up for a tea party.

On to Lyndon's birthday...this is him walking down the stairs in the morning to find his birthday gifts...

Spider man theme. Yes, he loves all things pretty but he REALLY loves all things super hero. (Yes, that is a big sigh of relief from Jonathon that you hear.)

It took him 3 tries to figure out how old he is. His typical answer is 5.

Maddie came to me and said, "Mom, you might want to take a picture of this. This is me with my wedding veil on."

Lyndon's favorite birthday dinner...Pizza, blackberries and a squeeze-it.

He started blowing out his candles before he made a wish...
...but then he remembered.

Happy Birthday, Lyndon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My new photography website!

So I've finally done it! I now have my very own photography website. I feel ultra cool.

Go ahead. Go on over and check it out.

I am offering a great deal of HALF off the session fee if booked before June 30th. You don't have to have your photos taken before then, just booked.

And all of you that live in Idaho, Utah, Las Vegas or need to despair...I'm headed your way! If you are interested in a session please e-mail me and I will keep you posted as to when I will be in your area.

for more info and to find out about the referral incentives go here.