Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lyndon's birthday...finally.

Maddie was telling Jonathon all about her future husband. After she explained a few qualities he was going to have Jonathon asked,
"Is he handsome?"
Jon-"Is he smart?"
Jon-Is he strong?"
Jon-"Stronger than me?"
Maddie- "OOOh yeeeeah."
Jonathon is silent.
Maddie- "I mean...no?" BIG SMILE.

For some reason Lyndon has been snorting. Someone, somewhere must have laughed at him when he snorted once so that set it off. Every time he laughs now he will throw in a snort or two and watch for people's reaction. He loves to perform.

The other day Maddie says to Jonathon, "I've been listening to the Holy Ghost."
Jon replies, "Oh yeah? What did He have to say?" To which Maddie frankly answers, "To be nice and to not lift up my dress when I have panties on."

I hope she's listening...

Lyndon, thanks to Maddie, loves all things pretty.

I came in Maddie's room to find them all set up for a tea party.

On to Lyndon's birthday...this is him walking down the stairs in the morning to find his birthday gifts...

Spider man theme. Yes, he loves all things pretty but he REALLY loves all things super hero. (Yes, that is a big sigh of relief from Jonathon that you hear.)

It took him 3 tries to figure out how old he is. His typical answer is 5.

Maddie came to me and said, "Mom, you might want to take a picture of this. This is me with my wedding veil on."

Lyndon's favorite birthday dinner...Pizza, blackberries and a squeeze-it.

He started blowing out his candles before he made a wish...
...but then he remembered.

Happy Birthday, Lyndon!


Kellie DeMille said...

What a cutie! I can't believe he is three, I have never met Lyndon in person but I hold a special place for him in my heart because we share the same birthday :)

Karen said...

as always your pictures capture my heart. I don't even know your kids, but I think they are adorable and so freaking funny!

Karen said...
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EmmaLee Robinson said...

Fun party! I would love to see you next time you are here. Let me know your plans. It has been way too long.