Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cowboy Days

I took the kids to a fun little hometown event in Georgetown today. They had so much fun. Maddie was so excited to ride a horse. She was a little nervous at first but when she got off she was all smiles and had to tell me all about it.

There were a lot of fun kid activities. Not a lot for Lyndon to do but that was fine with him because she got to sit in the stroller and eat a sucker. What a mess but it was worth the distraction.

Here she got to paint a picture.

I showed her some video's on-line from last years activities and it showed some kids learning how to throw a rope. After she saw it she was so excited to try it herself. She did a good job.

The people in Goergetown are so friendly. Someone offered to take our picture.
There was a little buck-roo and cowgirl contest. I thought it would just be fun to dress them up. Well, fun for Maddie. Lyndon wanted nothing to do with that bandana tied around his neck. But he forgot all about it when I buckled a holter and gun around his waist!
To my surprise Lyndon ended up winning first prize! He couldn't have cared less but he sure liked playing with the ribbon.

All in all it was a fun morning. Too bad Jonathon wasn't able to join us but it's all for a good cause. That record will be done soon enough. :)

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Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

I wish we could have been there with you! It looks like so much fun~