Thursday, September 4, 2008

Take time to twirl

Today we turned some music on and Maddie urged me to twirl with her. When was the last time you have spun around for so long that you almost topple to the ground? I've twirled with her before but never really let myself go like today.

What an exhilarating feeling! I turned and turned and turned until I'm pretty sure all of my cares, worries or concerns just flew right off of me!

I encourage you to stop whatever you're doing right now and twirl. You'll be happy you did.


Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

I tried it... I got a little sick to my stomach... but it was fun!

The Lambs said...

I twirled too, but I was holding Gabriel, so my momentum was limited. But Austin loved it. Run, skip, hop, rock, twirl, he loved it. Man, I wish you were out here to photograph my kids! So where is the new boundary for the OS/ Stony Point ward? Crazy, but I'm pretty sure it needed to happen! Who's the new Bishop?