Friday, August 22, 2008

Our own live-in comedians

I think Maddie deserves a medal for her ability to find the very best Dollar Store treasures. We all know about the amazing wig from our last trip. Well, this one is equally as awesome. This beauty came from the "party favors" isle. I didn't really see what is was until after she had a hold of it for a while and was determined that this be her prize for the day. And what a prize it is...

Here it is around her neck. "Oh, two lovely necklaces", you might think. Yes, it is two lovely necklaces. Now look a little closer...
That's right! A drinking cup to be worn around the neck for drinks on the fly and a whistle you can blow when a "hottie" crosses your path. Maddie was equally excited about both of these gems. She declared, "Now I can have a drink while I'm walking"! And thanks to Jonathon every time I walk in the room now she blows the whistle and yells, "Hottie!" It's a good thing the children's Book of Mormon came in the mail today so I don't feel like such a failure.

I had to get a picture of Lyndon in one of his favorite spots in the house. I find him sitting here frequently. He just plays quietly with all the toys within his reach.

Now for his all time FAVORITE past time. Our own little drummer boy. He loves the drums. LOVES them. Did I mention how much he loving drumming?! He's really good too. I know I'm just his Mom, but this kid has got some skills. Last night he was giving us a performance and really wailing on the drums.
After a few strokes he would expertly slide the left stick into his right hand and ...
take a bow! He is quite the performer.
After the drum performance Maddie had to come in and "girlie up" the area. She turned Lyndon's drum into a table for a tea party. Lyndon didn't mind. He joined in the fun immediately. He just wondered where Cinderella was.

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Oh Katie, your kids make me smile they're so darn cute. I need to get me one of those hottie wistles!