Monday, August 25, 2008

Maddie...The bathroom expert.

Now that Maddie is potty trained we tend to visit many different bathrooms in the community and at our friends houses.

She makes me giggle beause everytime we visit a new bathroom she loves to make comments on each one. Recently we were at a friends brand new house and as Maddie and I enter the bathroom she exclaims, "This is a beautiful bathroom. Isn't is so nice, Mom? I can't wait to wash my hands." And at another friends house last night she commented, "I really like this bathroom. Wow, this is lovely."

First of all what's with the facination of bathrooms? And second, I'm kind of curious what she thinks about my bathroom. She's probably thinking, this place really needs a good cleaning!


Karen said...

that's so funny! She sounds like she is so much fun.

Randi said...

I had a friend in high school who HAD to visit the bathroom in every restaurant that we went to. If the bathroom wasn't nice, she would never want to go back! It is funny that Maddie likes to comment on bathrooms. Maybe she will design bathroom fixtures when she grows up! Too Cute!!

Schwab Family said...

love the blog katie,i am so glad you started one

caroline said...

She's so sweet! All I get from Savannah are complaints she gives loudly for everyone to hear in the bathroom!I like that Maddie points out the good/clean things in the potty!