Monday, August 18, 2008

Junk Food Junkie

Its said that most people who watch the Olympics usually begin taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. You know how it is you see those ripped athletes and watch their stories about how they work out 8 hours a day and eat nothing but salads and chicken breast and all of a sudden you want to be just like that. Your motivation to work out and eat right has sky rocketed. I'm usually one of those people...until this year.
You see Jonathon is in love with the Olympics. He happened to be at the grocery store the day of the opening ceremonies. So because he is such a die hard fan he wanted to really make it special for us and decided to buy a tremendous amount of junk food. M&M's, cookies, chips, pop...the list goes on. You think I could have some control and limit myself? Make it last throughout the entire games? Nope. While most people get healthier during the Olympics, I get fatter. I'm actually munching on M&M's as I type this. Somebody help me.

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