Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just call me Super Woman

I was upstairs calling out good bye to Jonathon when Lyndon, hearing good-bye, jets for the ungated stairs...
I look up quickly to see him start rolling and tumbling down our very long stairs heading straight for the hard wood floor below.
As a mother, what do you do?
Fly, of course.
I literally ran (flew) around the banister and down the stairs fast enough to catch him 3 stairs from the bottom.
I was like that mom you always hear about who all of a sudden has super human strength to lift a car and save her child. Only instead of super human strength, I flew.
Just call me super woman.
(*Note to the gransparents: Just for your peace of mind I want you to know that under normal circumstances I ALWAYS have the gate up while we are upstairs. Lyndon, or should I say Jonathon's son (if you catch my drift), literally bolted and ran to the stairs in 2 seconds flat.)

1 comment:

caroline said...

I love your posts!! you crack me up! i could totally see you in the super woman outfit with your red hair :)
It's a good thing we have that hidden but comes out when needed trait. Nice job Katie!

ps- I'm going to miss seeing you guys on Sunday! :( I'm glad we have blogs at least.