Sunday, October 25, 2009

they keep coming up with new material...I love it.

I hid around a corner just waiting for Lyndon to come...(gimme a break, he loves it, I swear.) As he flew around the corner I jumped out and said, "grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" To which he squealed, flung his hands over his heart and said, "Oh! You scared my heart!"

Maddie is just as imaginative as ever. During a recent rainstorm we were driving in the car and she exclaimed, "I love my little friends on the car window!" After a couple seconds I realized it was the raindrops who were her friends...

Yesterday I gave Lyndon a piece of candy and he promptly said, "Oh tanks, Mom! Eura best!" (Oh, thanks, Mom! you're the best!)

When it comes to bedtime Maddie and Lyndon see it more as playtime, much to our dismay. But I do love how they interact. It's still fascinates me. So a couple nights ago, as they are supposed to be in bed, I hear Maddie say to Lyndon, "You stay here this time, I'm gonna go." And then she proceeds to come into my office making up some pathetic excuse for getting up. (Lately, don't ask me where in the world she got this, but she's been saying "Mom, I need to get up, my bum is sour." again, don't ask. I don't have a clue of it's origins or it's meaning.) So here she is searching for an excuse but I quickly send her packing. As she is leaving I decide to follow her to her room. When I got there, Lyndon was already planning his escape, but instead, he was scared to see me standing there. I say a quick, "Go to bed!" and as I leave only hear Lyndon in a super excited voice exclaim, "THAT. WAS. AWESOME!"

Their all-time favorite song is "You Belong To Me" by Taylor Swift. I let them watch the music video on Youtube with me and now they ask for it over and over. They both know the words and sing it on a regular basis. A couple nights ago Lyndon was like a broken record singing one line over and over and over and over again. "...I wear T-shirts, she wear short skurts."

Lyndon has a green baseball hat that he calls his "gay hat". ...yeah, not a clue.

I finally went through the pictures I've taken recently so we're going to have a random photo log...
Lyndon likes to put Jonathon's hat but he likes to fasten the straps under his neck like a bonnet.

Oh, this is a fun one. Compliments of Madaline. I kinda had flash backs to when she cut her own hair. It's looks all too familiar...check it out.

Making cookies spiders... 'tis the season.

Lyndon actually loves to help me clean. Too bad he's no help yet.

We went to a really fun birthday party for Maddie's friend, Sarah. She had a clown who did a magic show, painted the kids faces and made balloon animals. Pretty cool.

Wanna know what Maddie is building?
It's a cage for all her "Bat" friends. I couldn't see them but she and Lyndon could.

Lyndon getting his face painted for our ward Halloween party.

"oooooh, scarrrrrey."

a very beautiful witch. a princess witch, if you will...


caroline said...

I'm stealing that spider cookie idea!
I love all of your pictures- I always do! My fave is the one of Maddie in her princess witch costume!

Cammie said...

What naughty and creative little kids you have, ha! They seem like a riot, I'm sure you secretly wish you were 4 so that you could be making mischief with them all day long.
As always, I love the stories.

Cristiane Evans said...

Here's the place to come when I need some creative ideas to do with my kids!