Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maddie and Lyndon photo shoot.

Okay, I should really be editing the 20 zillion photos from my holiday photo sessions OR cleaning our kitchen that still has dried up lettuce from last night's dinner and glitter from the latest Maddie and Lyndon craft extravaganza but...well, that will all have to wait cause I'm gonna do something I want to do. And that, my friends, is put all these pictures on my blog...finally.
A few weeks ago I realized I hadn't taken any fun pictures of the two little cuties lately and that is just unacceptable. Sooooo, I wiped off their sticky faces and hands threw something on them that for Lyndon didn't involve a bare chest and some pajama shorts and we ventured out front. I gotta say...they are two pretty darn cute kids, if I do say so myself. So, enjoy the photos...

(Stay tuned 'till the end cause I have a fresh new batch of Maddie-isms. :))

This picture makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. That kid...

These are Lyndon's TRUE feelings for Maddie...he ADORES her. A-DORES-HER.

Maddie got a new little Barbie Peek-a-Boo dollhouse. The other day Lyndon wanted to join in but Maddie told him no. I quickly suggested that Maddie might want to let him play with her cause well it would be a nice thing to do but also down the line SHE might want HIM to share with her. She liked my reasoning so she gave him one of her little Barbies to start pretending with. Lyndon began to walk the Barbie in and out of the little rooms prentending, right along side Maddie. Then out of no where Maddie let's out in her most encouraging sweet voice, "That's the spirit, Lyndon!"
the next story will invlove some potty launguage (literally) at your own risk. :)
Late one evening Maddie is sitting on the potty...going #2. I'm in the other room waiting for her to finish so I can go and assist, when I hear the water running in the bathroom. I hurry in because if the water is running that means her little just-went-#2-toosh in not sitting on the toilet where it should be. Sure enough, the toosh is not on the toilet but SITTING on the sink. Are you kidding me? I tell her to get off the sink NOW. She promptly does so but leaves a nice streak, if ya know what I mean. Ugh. really? I begrudgingly get a rag and cleaner so I can clean up the mess. As I'm wiping it off Maddie says is a very sticky sweet voice, "Mom, I love you." To which I mumble sarcastically under my breath, "Do you?" I didn't think she heard me but I as I turned to look at her she's looking up at me batting her eyes and crossing her hands over her heart and says, "this means I love you... in sign language. See, I really DO love you."


Becky said...

The pictures really made me smile. (The stories made me laugh.) I really like the picture of Lyndon adoring Maddie. Had to share.

Karen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE you pics! I wish you lived closer so i could hire you to take our family pics.

Cammie said...

Those are so cute! Super talented Katie.

lindseylikes said...

I am always so excited to read your Blog or talk to you to hear what your kids have come up with next!! I love it! The pics are way cute too! I love ya Kate!