Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm alive.

Where have I been? I wish I could say that we've been traveling to far off places and relaxing in the most luxurious spas in the world...but nope. We've just been around. And you would think my house is spotless with all the blogging that I HAVEN'T been doing...but nope. I've taken lots of fun pictures though! And the kids have been as hilarious as ever. Maddie kind of gave a run for our money a few weeks ago but we thankfully got that all figured out. It was like something or someone unleashed a beast that was living deep inside her. I've realized that just when you start to think you've got this parenting thing figured out your kids will NOT let that happen. It's like they enjoy seeing you scramble. I'm just about done reading a couple of great parenting books and I feel so liberated! Raising kids isn't as hard as I once thought it was. What a good feeling.

Okay, here's are some Maddie and Lyndonisms:

Lyndon is just a tender little guy. For about a 2 week span he would come and find either Jon or I several times a day and say in a soft sad voice, "Maddie hurt my feelings". He still does it on occasion but not as much. But the other day Maddie and I were working on a craft. I tried to engage Lyndon in the fun but he was more interested in jamming a pen through a piece of paper to make as many holes as he could. I told him he needed to stop or go to the playroom and find something to do. He said he wanted to stay and do the craft but his action said otherwise as he proceeded to damage as much paper within his reach as he could. I finally said in firm voice, "Lyndon, go the playroom." Without a word he got up and headed to the playroom. But about 5 minutes later I heard him burst out crying. He immediately came running to me. Because of the sound of his cry I thought for sure he has hurt himself. I kept asking him "What happened?", "why are you crying?","What hurt you?" He just kept crying and didn't say anything so I repeated, "What hurt you?"
His reply? "You."
I was confused, "Me?"
"Yes, you.", he said firmly.
Baffled I asked, "How did I hurt you?"
"You hurt my ears.", he replied.
"And just how did I hurt your ears?"
"When you told me to go to the playroom you hurt my e-e-e-ars." Big sobs.

Wow, if that's not one tender kid I don't know what is. :)

Jonathon and I were in our bedroom when we noticed Maddie staring at herself in our full length mirror hung in our closet. Here's what we witness:
Maddie is displaying "Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer" video to her imaginary audience with her head cocked to one side and exclaims, "It's a holiday classic everyone!"
She loves to perform but only for herself and Lyndon. She even gets embarrassed when Jon and I see her.

The other day while I was getting ready in my bathroom Lyndon came zipping around the corner and said, "Oh, hey Mom! Now don't worry, I. will. be. right. back. (pause) ...and we'll talk."

Lyndon got a Maddie. Is that a great mullet or what?

We got to take a trip to San Antonio! We had a blast!!! Here's Maddie striking an interesting pose before we headed out to swim.

This was a really fun restaurant downtown San Antonio. Actually it looked just like how I pictured Gaston's hunting lodge to be in "Beauty and the Beast". Lots and lots of animals displayed. Out table was positioned right next to some fun mirrors.

I took this series of pictures while we were waiting for the condo's shuttle. This is Maddie "pretending" to be upset. Watch how the progression from grumpy to laughing hysterically...

This is the children's museum in San Antonio. It was so fun! The H-E-B was my favorite part. You could really scan each item and it would come up on the computer. How fun is that?

This is the only shot I could get of Lyndon. He doesn't stay still for very long.

Guess who that guy is?

Making bubbles...

The day we left. Maddie was bummed. So was I.

okay, this is hilarious... I made cinnamon rolls and frosting. (That's not the funny part.) There was about oh, I'd say 1/4 cup of frosting left in this bowl when I went upstairs. Maddie and Lyndon stayed downstairs to finish "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" (for the zillionth time.) When it was over they both came upstairs so I never went back downstairs until later that evening. And THIS is what I find on the ottoman. (see picture below) It is the frosting bowl LICKED practically clean! It seriously looked like a dog had licked it out. Maddie was came downstairs with me when I found it so I immediately asked her who ate the frosting. She was adamant that it was Lyndon. Maddie hasn't had a clean record for telling the truth lately so I wasn't instantly convinced. So I asked again and again she was positive it was all Lyndon. I stared at Maddie and then stared and the bowl. And that is when I was 100% sure that is truly was Lyndon. You wanna know why I know it was Lyndon and only Lyndon? The green spoon. It totally gave him away. He LOVES this green spoon. He would eat everything with this green spoon. After I figured it out I could not stop laughing. I was laughing so hard I cried. I kept picturing Lyndon pushing a chair up to the counter, opening the silverware drawer and pulling out his favorite spoon to eat a crap load of frosting. I'm even snickering as I type this. that boy. That boy.

And here is one more picture of THAT BOY. It's s glimpse of his birthday. This is him making a wish AND blowing out the candles at the same time! I'll post the birthday pictures soon!


Cristiane Evans said...

Oh no! Maddie found the scissors! hahaha

They're growing so fast!!

Lonna said...

With all that it does seem that you have been busy. I love the photos of the kids looking in the funny mirrors, Lyndon looks like he is just cracking up.

You know he is so proud of that little hair cut, when I asked him about it he gave me the "yeah I got an awesome haircut" look and said that Maddie did it. How could you be upset about that.

Maddie has some serious swimsuit poses, she looks fierce.

Karen said...

There is never a dull moment at your house. I love all the things they do and I love your reaction to them. You're a good mom.

The Jen said...

Oh dear, Jefferson and Lyndon would be a handful together, and I actually imagine that Gwen and Maddie could do some damage or atleast spread some sass too. They are so cute, it makes cleaning up the red pen smiley faces worth it huh?