Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Port "A"!!!

We have lived here in Texas for over 4 years and I NEVER realized...until now...we only live 4 HOURS away from a beautiful beach! Thank you Christa and Matt for planning this trip and opening our eyes to the wonders of Texas!

A few weeks ago our family, Dana and Casey and Matt and Christa all took a wonderful little trip to Port Aransas, TX. It's a little island just off of Corpus Christi. We all stayed in a quirky little beach cottage just a block from the beach. It was perfect.

Here's the gang! Fun group! We got very well acquainted with one another because the beach house was set up so we would have to walk through each other's rooms to get to the one bathroom. cozy.

(Dana took many of these pictures you will soon enjoy...thank you, Dana! Remember Dana and her awesome sewing blog?)

The little kiddos. except for Brooklyn. They all loved playing together. It was awesome.

Doesn't Lyndon look so grown-up here? I love it. (and hate it all at the same time. He's supposed to be my little baby.)

Kids waiting for breakfast.

Lyndon took a strong liking to Lucy. She's such a cuite. I found quite a few pictures of them together. When I was loading them up on the blog Lyndon said, "OH, LOOK! There's Lucy. She's fun to hang out with!"

The happy twosome sharing a moment on the beach together...

The whole gang on the beach. We had a blast staying there all day long. We waded, looked for shells, flew kites, threw the football around and talked and talked and talked. Perfect day.

Maddie is showing me her shell she found.

Isn't that such a cool shell?


You can see me in Maddie's reflection off her sunglasses. kinda cool. :)

Casey decided he was in the mood for popsicle's so he went off to the store in search for some. And boy was I glad he did. It was very tasty!

Dana pointed out in these next two pictures how Lyndon and I are making the exact same face.

(I'm waiting to catch the football. If you're wondering.)

Dana made this awesome sand castle circle. Quite the little builder, huh? :)

Our trip was pretty close to perfect. I think the only thing I would've changed would be that Jon and I used a little more sunscreen and that we stayed a few more days. I'm ready to go back SOON!


Mallory said...

I love your blog. I'm so glad I can properly comment on it now!!
I used to LOVE going to Port Aransas when I was little. Your kids will remember this trip even if it's the only time yall go! :)
ps. can I just say how proud I felt when I saw the picture of you waiting to catch the football! ;)

Kellie DeMille said...

Wow, what a fun trip! I love the sign on the lodge saying "good dogs OK" too funny. I can't believe you guys have been in Texas for 4 years! The pictures of you and Lyndon making the same face are priceless :)

Amy said...

That looks like such a FUN trip! What a good time!

dana said...

oh yay! Your photos are gorgeous. And I JUST finished posting mine finally too! check out 88mph.
We had a great, great time! Thanks for letting me talk your ear off :)