Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Model

I don't have the time to post about Halloween and Maddie's birthday quite yet but I ran across these pictures today and I couldn't wait to post them.

I did a commercial photo shoot last week. I knew I would have to use a flash (which I normally NEVER use) so I decided to practice before the shoot. One of the scenes was going to take place in a shower so I asked Maddie if she would help me out and model while I practiced with the lighting. sidenote: Maddie is typically pretty aloof when it comes to me taking pictures of her. She rarely will even look directly into the camera. This wasn't a big deal because all I needed was someone to stand in the shower while I took some test shots.

I'm not sure what happened to her but somewhere between me asking her to be a "model" and her stepping into the shower she was a completely different little girl. I was adjusting something on my camera and looked up to find this:

There she was MODELING for me. I just about busted up but was able to keep it together. After each and every "click" of the camera she changed (all on her own) to a new position. Take a look...

This was the one I just about lost it on...

She totally made my day.

(btw, disregard the awful coloring...I was practicing, remember? And the lines on her arms and face is a little sneak peek of Halloween.)


dana said...

hahahaha. okay. this post just made my day. Those photos are so great! And I think her expressions and the makeup only add to the poses. Such a cute girl. And you guys have so many shampoos! I'm amazed (and impressed with your very clean shower. Much nicer looking than ours :))

The Jen said...

Your tub is awesomely clean. Oh, and of course, Miss Maddie is adorable.