Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is in the air!

Maddie is quite the artist. Her drawing on the left is a self portrait taken from the picture on the right. Not too shabby.

The kids LOVE Meme and Joe's (our neighbor's) dog, Lexi. So cute.

This is the Christmas parade in Georgetown that we attended last year. I just love Georgetown. Such a quaint little town.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, a favorite in this family!

The big guy, himself. ( we came straight from Maddie's dance class.)

We LOVE Chic-fil-a!

We spotted some of our friends at the parade...
Lonna, in the grey shirt, is one of Lyndon's favorite people. I've thought about making him an "I "heart" Lonna T-shirt. I just may...

The guy's enjoying the parade from the comfort of a bench.
Lexi, Gwen and Lyndon. Such good buddies.

My Mom and Dad came to visit us for a whole week. They left yesterday. I'm 33 years old and I still get a little teary eyed when I have to leave my parents. I can't imagine that will ever change. :)

They brought along a bunch of clothes from Maddie's cousin, Rylee. She LOVES getting Rylee's clothes. She had a little fashion show for us...

Maddie had a Christmas ballet performance on Friday. Here she is posing before we left. These are all "self-posed". Apparently she's really into posing herself these days.

The performance was outside at Round Rock's Family Christmas Night, downtown Round Rock. This is a picture of the crowd around the stage. My parents are in the upper right 3rd of the picture.
Her dance...

We didn't stay too long after her performance because there were too many people for my liking. Here is Jonathon and my Dad giving the kids a lift out of the chaos.

Maddie made a list of things she wanted to do with Grandma and Grandpa before they got here. She included things like, "play games like CandyLand and Guess Who, make gingerbread houses, and snuggle. My Mom made sure they did all they could from the list so here they are making gingerbread houses.

We had our own "Christmas" with my Mom and Dad.

My Mom made Maddie some "Genie Jammies". When I was little my Mom made these PJ's for my sisters and I. We LOVED them. Maddie loves her's now.

Lyndon got some dress-up clothes. We're happy he has his own now so he won't wear Maddie's princess dresses anymore. (You never can be too sure though.)

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dana said...

there's a parade here in Georgetown?? We've gotta stay in town next year. looks like fun! and so many happenings for Christmas. love the fashion show and the new dress-ups for Lyndon. Owen's in need of the same stuff...
Merry Christmas to you guys!