Monday, January 11, 2010

my mistake

Sunday morning I got both of the kids in the car and then ran in to grab a few things from the house. While I was in there I could hear them yelling from car. ...such a nice Sunday morning experience. :) When I stepped back in the garage I walked up the car and tapped on the window to get their attention. After I gave them the "knock-it-off-or-there-will-be-consequences look, they stopped. I walked around to my door and got in. This is what Maddie said,

"Mom, you may have thought that I was yelling. Well, I just want you to know that I wasn't. I was yawning. You may have just THOUGHT I was yelling because my mouth was open so wide. But it was really just a yawn."


"Can I have some gum now?"

gum? How about an Oscar?


Kellie DeMille said...

Katie, I am so glad you're blog is public again. I never remember to check the private ones. It was fun to catch up on your posts. I love the smoke detector cameras! I wish we would have thought of that! I'm happy you look back on Vegas fondly, some people are so glad to leave but we like it :) The kids are too cute, I can't believe Lyndon will be 3 this year, where has the time gone?

The Jen said...

She's got my vote.

Cammie said...

Ha! Ok, I really need to meet this girl.