Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I felt a little closer to Ross...

We had some friends over this weekend and while Jonathon and I were entertaining the adults with delicious snacks and an exciting game of wii bowling, Lyndon was busy entertaining their kids by dancing in all his glory... stark naked. The kids were in stitches thanks to the comedian of the hour. And when Jonathon asked Maddie why she didn't come to get us as soon as he took off his clothes her reply was, "But Dad, he was hilarious!" I hope this isn't a forecast for our future with this kid.

Thanks to my friend, Shelly, I changed things up a bit and took the kids to the Texas Natural History Museum on UT's campus. It was really fun. The kids had a great time. It made me want to explore more things for us to do downtown. I'm ready for our next adventure...

I have to say, Maddie is proud to live in Texas. (actually, so am I)

Not sure what Lyndon is doing but he's crackin' me up anyway. I wonder if he's signing to that skeleton? :)

Maddie is checking out all the treasures in the drawers...

There was a BIG dinosaur skeleton over his head. He thought it was "cool".

Maddie was proud to share with me that THIS was a human skeleton and she has bones just like that in her body...just smaller.

I see the resemblance.

On the top floor is a few interactive stations that both of the kids enjoyed. Especially Maddie. She loves to learn. She watched a video about 3 times in a row about how ants are farmers who grow their own fungus to eat. (Yeah, I watched it 3 times as well and I feel smart now.) :) I think we'll be bringing Grandma Evans to this museum the next time we come. I think she and Maddie will have a blast.

Outside the museum. For some reason I just love this picture of the two of them.

Out the back of the museum where we ate our lunch. All the kids had a great time running and playing. Of course at one point I had to chase Lyndon down in fear that he would just mindlessly run into the busy street. But our day wouldn't be complete without me trailing after Lyndon calling out his name and him not listening, right?

Our whole group. sweet.

Great idea, Shelly! Thanks for the invite. What's next? :)


Kellie DeMille said...

What a fun idea. Tyson is now obsessed with "bone guys" and will only wear skeletons on his shirts. We will have to get him to a museum, he'll be in heaven!

The Jen said...

Oh geesh. They're cute.

caroline said...

We drove by that museum last weekend and wondered if it would be fun for kids. We're gonna have to try it out. your pictures always make me want to go do stuff! :)
btw-love love love your last post about Maddie! made me laugh out loud! where does she come up with this stuff!?!

Heather said...

You're a "chaser mama" too?! We might be in trouble if Lyndon and Brian ever get together...:-D

Cammie said...

You are so funny! I wish I knew Conan and that the two of you could bond while I have my baby...I still have 4.5 months, I'll do my best to meet him. If I coerce him into coming will you really come? I'd love to see you again!