Friday, September 30, 2011


So in the past 2 weeks I've had 3 girls night's out. Spoiled, I know. 2 weeks ago some of my friends from our old ward got together for one last hurrah with Randi, who is moving to Houston. It's always so fun to hang out with these gals...

Mindy and Stacy...trying to figure out how to smile. :)

Gina and Crystal

Lizzie and me

So we went to Chuy's Mexican restaurant which has this delicious creamy jalapeno dip. I've never tried it before so Randi (who loves it) was happy to be witnessing my first bite of the infamous "creamy jalapeno dip".

It was delicious...can you tell?

Randi and me. I'm sure going to miss this gal. We've has so many great conversation where she will always end up making me laugh. :)

My next GNO was with Dana and Lonna! (Unfortuntely I didn't take any pictures of our evening!) I can't say enough great things about these 2 girls. We get together at least once a week with our kids and we've gone out just by ourselves too. We went at got pedicures and then ate at La Margarita's Mexican restaurant. Sooooooo fun and so yummy. :)

AND THEN last night I went out again with the first crowd to...La Margarita's again! I love Mexican food so I was one happy camper. This time it was Lizzie's birthday and we had a wonderful time.

I'm so grateful for such good friends.

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dana said...

love the photo of you and the chip. great! And I loved our GNO too. I'm very lucky to have you guys. I feel like you just "get me". I can totally be myself. And that's always nice :)