Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Days.

It seems that I usually share stories that focus on Maddie and Lyndon. So here's one about Jon and I, hold on to your seats...

Wanting to check on the kids as soon as possible after I get out of the shower, I quickly put on the bare (and I mean bare) necessities and hurried downstairs. (Yes, the blinds were closed, well, most of them.) I find that all is well except that Lyndon has a stinky diaper. Being the compassionate mother that I am, I immediately start to change him before I go back upstairs to finish getting dressed. Just as I put the clean diaper under him, I hear a loud  knock at the door.

Um, Crap.

Startled, I freeze for about 2 seconds and then bolt for the stairs, only to see a man in my peripheral vision standing in our entry way by the front door. 

What the...?

I was so taken off guard that I let  out a little yelp and brought my hand to my chest in shock.  It all happened so fast. Who was this man standing in our house while I was grossly under clothed?

Jonathon Edward Evans.

He staged the whole thing. Watch out, sweetie. Watch out.

(BTW, he still gets a good chuckle at least once a day from his little prank. I'm ready bring on my own chuckles so if anyone has some ideas...)

Here are a few pictures I took while we were in Omaha. This is Joanthons parents and their 3 cute grandkids.

Maddie has been resisting her daily nap with all her might. She still needs that nap (as evidence by her bi-polar emotions that seems to pop up at around 5 pm the days she doesn't nap.) Being the nap nazi that I am, I will be fighting to the bitter end on this one. 

When she is supposed to be sleeping she will find anything to entertain herself. One day it was a full tube of diaper rash cream, other days it's books and this day...well, I'm not really sure what was going on in her head. You be the judge...
It looks to me like she entertained herself by pulling out all her clothes from the dresser and pulling off all her blankets and sheets. Ahhh, the joys of parenting.

One night Maddie kept getting out of bed. Finally Jonathon calmly said to her, "Maddie, you have the choice between a flick on the leg or to run back to bed."

Tapping her index finger on her lip, she relied, "Um, I think the best choice is to go back to bed."

She's no fool.

This picture made me laugh because it's a classic "Maddie" look.  It's kind of a "well, duh." sort of look that she gives me when I seem to ask dumb questions. 

The kids have been having a blast playing in the back yard lately. (Thanks to my brother, Byron, for mowing down the jungle while he was here!) It's so fun watching and listening to them play and interacting together. They both love to crack each other up.

I came outside to take a few pictures of them and this is where I found Lyndon. Sitting by the fence with dirt all over his mouth. When I asked him if he ate dirt he brightly replied, "U-huh!" I wonder if he liked it?

Maddie has been dressing herself lately. If I dress her in the morning, she will always change into her own attire by the afternoon. I guess I just don't have as good of taste as she does. :) I thought this picture was so cute. She loves wearing tights. 
This is after a full day of FUN! We went to the park later in the evening and found that the city of Round Rock had kindly left 3 big dirt piles for the kids to play in! They had so much fun. They would climb to the top and then slide down over and over again. Lyndon sampled a little dirt from the park as well. We considered putting in a little jungle gym in the backyard but I think our money would be better spent on a few big piles of dirt.

Another classic "Maddie" pose. Notice her purse...9 times out of 10 she will always have a purse or a bag full of her treasures...necklaces, play make-up, stuffed animals, play cupcakes, dog leashes, wicker furniture (not really but if she could make it fit, it would probably be in there.)

They have both been just hilarious lately. I was standing in kitchen and the next thing I know Lyndon is on all fours licking the tops of my feet. I calmly looked down to see what the heck he's doing only find my little Lyndon puppy with his tongue hanging out panting at me. That boy...

We were at Wal-mart and Jonathon and Lyndon had walked on ahead of Maddie and I because Maddie wanted to stop and check out a toy. When he was done we couldn't see the boys anymore so I pretended to be mildly alarmed and kept repeating, "Oh, no, where are they? Oh, no, where are they?" over and over. Maddie calmly and sternly replied,

"Mom, we will find them, JUST...CALM...DOWN." 

It's a little scary how much she sounds like me.

Lately Maddie has really been on this kick about marrying Lyndon. She asks him, about every other day, if he wants to marry her and then she proceeds to plan the wedding. (For the record, Lyndon always agrees. He is head over heals crazy about Maddie and would do pretty much whatever she wanted. sweet.) So Maddie sees a picture of me in my wedding dress and says to me, "Where can I get one of those dresses? I need to pick one up cause I'm going to marry Lyndon tomorrow."  After a few thoughtful pauses she concludes, "I bet they have those dresses at Wal-mart."

How lucky am I? In between the short phases of bickering and whining I get to watch a comedy act all day long. 


Erin Cannon said...

It's moments like those that make us lucky to be stay-at-home moms. Wouldn't it be sad if you didn't get to here those sweet comments every day. :)

The Laing Gang said...

Kelly is going to have a great laugh when I tell him what Jonathon did...wait...I don't think I am going to tell him, it will give him ideas and we all know he doesn't need any more of those!!!! I can just picture Jonathon going about his business and then out of nowhere just stopping and chuckling to himself! Oh those husbands, whatdaya gonna do with em!

Nancy Crawford said...

I had a REALLY hard day yesterday, with two people missing from work, and three Opera Performances this week in the theater so it is SO busy and stressful. Reading your blog was so delightful. Thank you for pulling me into YOUR happy, childlike magic for a few minutes. I'll think of you and smile. The pictures are beautiful.

caroline said...

Great stories and great pictures!! I always enjoy reading your blog- it makes me smile:)
Maddie's room looks just like Savannah's after about 5 minutes of "playing" ...aah these girlies!!!

Brad Jones Consulting said...

Katie -
Can I just say how I love your pics! They are always so beautiful! Love them!
I also love reading about your little ones - they remind me of mine, in fact in more than one of the pics, I have seen the same toys or same shirt that my boys have and then thought....oh how I wish my Katie were closer to me so we could play together. So, I will just read your blog and miss you!.....and then laugh with you.

Camille said...

Sorry, I hate it when my husband logs into my computer without me knowing was really me (Camille Phillips Jones) who left you the last message. NOT Brad Jones Consulting!