Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lyndon, our sweet boy.

Lyndon loves Cinderella (yes LOVES, I have the pictures to prove it), he enjoys wearing necklaces from time to time and he'll never say "no" to a tea party. Some parents might be worried about their sons masculinity if this were their child...but not us. 

Here's how we know Lyndon is all boy...

We are upstairs in the play room when I turn around to find Lyndon perched on the arm of the couch ready to launch himself, full force, on none other than the huge exercise ball. I'm not fast enough to stop him so I witness his little body bounce off the ball and slam into the wall. I stood there in shock waiting for him to start crying but no... he doesn't cry...he jumps up laughing and running toward the couch to try it all again. 

My second piece of evidence occurred tonight during one of Maddie's famous tea parties. First I'll describe Maddie's behavior during our party:
After she calmly and carefully found a saucer, cup and spoon for each person she methodically dished out food (chocolate chips, marshmallows and animal crackers) on each plate. She then served everyone some delicious air from her carefully selected teapot. Once everyone was well taken care of she politely ate each tidbit, one-by-one, savoring each bite. In between bites she would delicately sip some tea and share in light joyous conversation with her guests.

Now I'll describe Lyndon's behavior at out tea party:
As soon as he saw that first helping of chocolate chips and marshmallows fall on his plate he dashed from across the room, grabbed his plate and emptied it's entire contents in his mouth with one breath. With his mouth so full he couldn't seem to close it, he dropped the plate and raced back to the other side of the room to resume playing with his train. He then raced back over to the party snatched up his cup and gulped down some delicious air.  He looked at the rest of the guests, yelled, "YUM" rubbed his belly and then dashed off again. Most likely to do something extremely fun like jumping off the couch onto exercise balls.

So there. That's how we know Lyndon is all boy with just a soft spot in his heart for princesses. 

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The Bryan Family said...

Ah... jumping off of couches onto exercise balls?!? He and Adam have even more in common!