Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just call me Pear.

My computer is acting up...bad bad I won't be posting any pictures BUT here is what has been on on mind for the last few weeks...

my gigantic hips and thighs. 

It's true. 

While we were in Nebraska, I took family pictures of the whole Evans clan and then of each family. I wanted Jim and Kris (Jonathons parents) to have a family picture of us too so Jim took some shots of Jonathon, me and the kids. I was excited to check out the pictures. 

That is until I saw myself for what I really was...a bit on the chubby side.

At first I was mad at the mirror in our closet for lying to me all these years. But then after a few moments I realized I needed to put the blame where it was intended...McDonalds and Taco Bell.

Good bye, crispy golden delicious french fries and scrumptious chalupas...hello chicken breasts and 24 hour Fitness.

We've been eating great and working out for 7 days now...and I actually love it.

P.S. I will be posting some of those astonishing hip and thigh pictures soon but just know that in about 4-5 months I'm going to be a lean, mean fighting, I guess I won't be mean. I'll still be nice and I really don't want to fight either so I guess I'll be thin, slim and ready to win!


Amy said...

I DON"T BELIEVE YOU! But I know how it feels. Pictures can make or break you...that's why you need a good photographer like yourself. Good luck with the fitness plan. I know you will KILL IT! You are beautiful!

And by the way, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you were able to do a newborn photo shoot! I am due in August. It would also be fun to do a pregnant belly shoot. Although I'd be taking a huge risk of getting a fat, depressing picture.

Jaclyn said...

you are so funny! i am sure that you don't look like a pear! I am so glad that you had a great holiday! your kids are so super cute! tell jon hello!

Lizzy said...

I need to get back to the gym myself! The holidays really did not treat me well :)

Cristiane Evans said...

Katie, you look great, stop that =o) Look at me that has no shape at all...hahaha... I need to follow your example and exercise!!!

Cammie said...

You kill me! You have always been a little on the skinny side and you know it! You also have always had a special place in your heart for fast food, which is still so funny to me. Exercising more and eating better are awesome plans, good luck with it.
I still laugh at us trying to do pilates from that yellow or pink paper and then fighting over who had to talk to our dear DL. "Were you two fighting over who had to talk to me?" "Ummmm, no!" ha! Then laughing so hard and tying to follow those bad directions again.
sorry if that made no sense at all ')