Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Weekend...

A few days ago the kids and I were downstairs. I needed them to be upstairs while I finished a few things so I asked Maddie to come along with me. Her reply,

"Um, no thanks. Lyndon and I are playing down here."

Me: "Well, you can both come upstairs and CONTINUE playing."

Maddie: "Yeah, I like playing down here right now. I'm a puppy and I don't feel good and Lyndon is taking care of me." (as she pulls her blanket up tighter around her neck.)

I wasn't going to try and rationalize with a 3 year old so I pulled a little trick (invented by Jonathon) out of my back pocket... Without a word I just went upstairs, turned on Dora REALLY loud and just waited...

Before I knew it, Lyndon AND Madaline came bounding up the stairs shouting "DORA, DORA!"

Ahhhh, I love it when they see things my way. As Jack Osbourne once said about the McRib sandwich..."It's the simple things in life that bring us the most pleasure." I agree, Jack, I agree.

I just liked this picture...

I'm so proud of my little budding photographer. Maddie took the next two pictures with my big camera. It's not easy to get the focus right and she nailed it. I also love the dog picture how she positioned the dog slightly to the left. She got an eye for pictures. :) (Yes, you are seeing correct, that is a boogie in Lyndon's nose.)

Oh Lyndon, this kid makes me laugh all day. (well, most of the day) He was eating his lunch. Yes, he still has his PJ's judging... :) I leaned across from him and put my hand under my chin. He immediately imitated me. Luckily my camera was handy.

Lyndon is in love with guitar hero...or maybe just the guitar. He frequently makes his sign for "Guitar" by strumming his arm (as shown). He usually has his guitar propped up on his belly, lightly strumming it while he's watches TV. I think it makes him feel really cool.

Now he's playing a little air guitar.

My parents left on a cruise out of Galveston this weekend. They flew to Houston on Saturday and didn't have to be on the ship until Sunday afternoon, so we drove to Houston to spend some time with them. Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins were also going on the cruise so it was a mini family reunion. We had a great time. Maddie and Lyndon REALLY enjoyed themselves. Lots of interested adults, a pool and too much junk food. They had a blast.
After my parents left for the ship we took the kids to the Children's Museum downtown Houston. We had a great time. There was so much to see and do. The kids (okay, us too.) had so much fun.

They had this pretend supermarket that kept both of them entertained for a long time.

Lyndon took a short break from the supermarket and went to check out the chickens. He's saying "Bird".

Yeah, it's always fun to turn around and find out that YOUR kid is the one licking the plastic food that EVERYONE has touched and handled. He looks like he's enjoying it though.

You'll notice that Madaline has just spotted herself in the mirror. She immediately started to primp.
Lyndon is Mr. Social. He doesn't care who you are, you're gonna be his friend. The rest of us left this area but Lyndon decided he still needed to solidify some friendships so he raced back and continued playing.

Maddie is my little individual player. She's just as content being by herself as Lyndon is joining a new friend circle.


The Jen said...

I HATE that we don't live within 5 minutes of each other anymore. I swear to you our children would be best buddies. I cannot believe how much Lindon and Jeffer are alike. They would be two peas in a pod :) We are just going to have to visit.

Amy said...

Love the children's museum. The one here has a lot of the same things. All the kids love that super market! (It is pretty cool.) Bet it was fun to see your family too. Makes me want to go cruisin! Are you guys going soon?

Lizzy said...

What a fun trip to Houston! Great photo ops.

BTW, I very much remember that Jack O quote. Whenever I see that the McRib is back... I can not help but say in my head (or outloud) "The MCRIB is BACK!!!" just like he did. Gotta love the Osbournes.

Cristiane Evans said...

Oh my gosh!!! The picture where Jonathon has Maddie and Lyndon in front of him on a stool, Jonathon really looks like Michael! Michael thought so too. With so much sense of humor, they could almost be twins :)

Camille said...

Can we come and go to the children's museum with you? It looks like so much fun!

cmhouston said...

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