Sunday, February 15, 2009

I heart Valentine's Day

Before I get into why I heart V-Day, I have to share why I heart a certain 20 month old...

It was a dark cold and rainy night...
the lightening was flashing,
the thunder was crashing...

and out of no where I hear a blood piercing scream coming from the upstairs bedroom...

I ran faster than humanly possible only to find Lyndon screaming and pointing in a catatonic state with his eyes staring out Maddie's bedroom window.

Apparently Lyndon is deathly afraid of thunder and lightening.

Who knew.


Another reason I heart Lyndon AND Maddie is because of this conversation:

(Lyndon just got out of the bathtub and decided to put my scarf around his neck.)

Maddie: (As she is sitting on the toilet.) "Lyndon, I love your scarf. You look like a real rock star!"

Lyndon: (posing) "Tanks!" (thanks)

Here's a visual...

Okay, so Maddie comes downstairs the other morning ALL dressed from head to toe by herself! My favorite part of the outfit....
the chap sitck stuck in her skirt.

To me it's just not Valentines day without heart shaped sugar cookies. The kids helped out. It was mucho fun.

I'm pretty sure Lyndon ate WAY more than is recommended by the pediatric council but oh well.
See his tongue curled up here?
He was licking his lips...complimenting the chef.
Thanks, buddy.

Here he's asking if he can eat this whole dough ball. I said "no", if you were wondering. :)

Here's a good time (in a very sarcastic voice)...
In a matter of 2 minutes I come back into the kitchen/family room to find Lyndon in front of the TV with a red face, red hands and red feet.
What the heck?

So upon some investigation I find this piece of evidence:

Yep, you're right, it's an EMPTY red sprinkles container. Empty. Empty. Empty.
Where are the sprinkles you may ask.
Well, most of them were on Lyndon's face, hands and feet and I'm pretty sure the rest of them were in his stomach.
2 minutes, folks, 2 minutes...
Should I just keep him with me in a backpack everywhere I go?

Despite the sugar catastrophe, here is the final product.

It's not a holiday without attending the library's party! These really are so fun. Anna always joins us for the festivities.

The kids had a great Valentines Day. Lots of sugar, they were thrilled.
Jonathon and I also had a nice V-Day. Nothing says "I love you" like a big slab of meat. We ordered brisket, pork ribs and chicken to go from the Salt Lick and had a a nice, uh sloppy yet delicious dinner downstairs after the kids went to bed. :) It's the little things like licking my fingers and wearing a bib that makes Jonathon love me more and more.


Karen said...

I love all of this blog entry! Your kids are so cute and I love how you celebrated v-day.

Cammie said...

What a fun day! I love Lyndon. Yep. He's too cute.

Browning Buzz said...

Katie!!! Holy cow!! You are quite the photographer!!! Wow!!! Darling kids!!I love your blog!! Can I add it to my blog? My blog address is: