Friday, February 20, 2009

Sleeping Babies

Lyndon giggles when he hears a noise from his own bodily functions (if ya know what I mean)...for the record he doesn't get that from Jonathon's side of the family.

Maddie was eating left over macaroni and cheese for breakfast (she IS her father's daughter). I was just about ready to put the maple syrup (from Lyndon's waffles) in the fridge when Maddie slides her bowl across the island to me and said,

"Why don't 'cha pour a little of that syrup on my mac-n-cheese."

so I did.

She liked it.

So our babies are sick. Poor things. Maddie is actually pretty much in the clear but Lyndon-bud is still battling through. I'm scared to think of how much TV the 3 of us have watched this week. This morning he fell asleep in his beanbag chair. (while watching TV, of course.) He must have really been wiped out because #1 he NEVER falls asleep anywhere except his crib, oh and the car. And #2 he fell asleep while wearing Jonathon's headphones. uncomfortable.

Don't you just love sleeping kids...

We had a fun family Home Evening this week, thanks to the Stony Point Primary for their FHE bag! We played a fun game that Maddie learned at her primary activity involving stepping on hearts and moving across the room. I know it sounds absolutely riveting but to a 3 and 1 year old, it was AWESOME.

dessert...Ice cream sundaes.

We forgot to warn Lyndon about the freezing temperature of the ice cream.

Maddie didn't really feel too good that night. That's a pathetic look for a kid who eating
a big bowl of ice cream.

I got a really sweet deal on this ginger bread house kit after Christmas. I think is was like a dollar! It was a fun diversion from watching our 10th episode of Blue's Clues. Swiper no swiping, swiper NO swiping! Oh man!

I'm pretty sure the kids ate way more candy than they put on the house but, oh well. :)


Amy said...

I know what you mean about the TV! When kids (Or MOM) don't feel weel, that's all you can do! The past two months are trying to give me a guilt trip...but I'm not letting it! I'm doing all I can! I think they'll survive.

Katrina said...

I am leaving a comment! It was fun talking to you today. I LOVE your photographs! I got a Cannon Rebel Digital XLR for Christmas and LOVE it but I don't know how to take great pics like yours! We should get together sometime so you can tutor me! OH and your children are ADORABLE!

Shy said...

I couldn't agree more, I LOVE sleeping babies!

The Laing Gang said...

Go Lyndon!!! Glad to see you have some Perkes in ya!

Browning Buzz said...

Of course you can add my blog to yours! I wish I lived in Texas or you lived in Idaho so I could have you do my photography! You are so good at it!! Have you always been into photography or is it something you just picked up recently? Well, you sure are talented!

KatieB said...

your kids are so lucky to have such amazing photos documenting their childhoods. i think by the time i get the pictures you took of my kids up on the wall they'll have grown so much i'll need all new ones.