Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here comes the bride...and the flower girl!

Last weekend we attended an awesome wedding! Our neighbors daughter got married. And Maddie was the flower girl so we got to attend all the fun festivities. Before I go into the details of the wedding I first have to write about our neighbors, Mimi and Joe...what amazing people they are. They have such a warmth and kindness about them. They are willing to lend a hand, an ear, whatever the need might be. We love them! Maddie and Lyndon are head over heels for them. They are the kind of neighbors that every parent hopes their children will live next to if they live too far away.

So to start off the fun, on Thursday evening the wedding party and families got to go to Chic-fil-a for a special dinner. Mimi and Joe are friends with the owner of Chic-fil-a so he wanted to do something nice for them. Chic-fil-a is one of our favorite places to eat so we were excited! Good food and great people. Maddie and Lyndon had a great time. Lyndon was really putting on quite the performance for everyone. It's obvious that his idea of a good first impression is being as silly and energetic as possible. I heard many comments of "Wow, he had a lot of energy!" and "My goodness, he's just go go go!" Yes, both of those comments describe Lyndon perfectly.

On Friday afternoon she go to go get her nails and toenails painted at the salon. She chose purple with sparkles to match the sash on her dress.
Friday evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I took Maddie to the church so she could rehearse with the wedding party. She did fantastic. She was a little eager to get down the isle but Mimi patiently walked with her explaining what to do and how fast to go. She stood patiently up at the front during the entire thing. After the rehearsal we went back to Mimi and Joes backyard for a catered dinner from Rudy's. Oh how I love Rudy's! For those of you non-Texans, Rudy's is the best bar-b-que ever. Hands down. The brisket, the smoked turkey, the sauce the CREAMED CORN. all delicious. It was a lovely evening. They had is all decorated just beautiful, white twinkle light, soft netting, good music... Perhaps Maddie's favorite part of the evening came when she received a gift from Kidron, the bride. It was a build-a-bear gift certificate. For a week now she has been getting on patiently sorting through each and every animal along each and every article of clothing and accessory to find the perfect one. I found her making a list on 3x5 index cards or her favorites so she can check them out in person when she gets to the store. :)

On to the morning of the wedding...Maddie got to get her hair curled at another salon! These pictures don't show her true emotion but she was thrilled.

My Mom made her dress. Isn't is just beautiful? I had to hem it up a bit when Maddie tried in on. No big deal, I thought...but really, what a pain!! Even though I already so appreciated my Mom for making this, after I attempted to hem it I was REALLY appreciative of all her hard work! Thanks, Mom!

All dressed and ready to go!
She even got to ride in the limo with the Kidron and the rest of the wedding party! Holy cow, was this girl excited! She was so eager to go off on her own...without her dear old Mom. As soon as the limo pulled up Maddie excitedly turned to me while waling away and said, "Okay, see ya Mom. I got this."

Kidron and Sunny, her sister, in the limo...
I didn't take my camera to the wedding because I was sure if I could bring it in the church and I also didn't want to step on the toes of the other photographers that were there. I've done weddings before and to be there's nothing more annoying than a wedding guest trying to get in there and get the shots that you are trying to get! Hopefully I can buys some of the photo's from their photographer. The church was beautiful. The ceremony was beautiful. And seeing Joe as he was holding back the tears walking Kidron down the isle made me just loose it. It was a special moment. Maddie did great. She threw her flowers just perfectly and knew right where to stand when she got to the front. I gotta say though, my heart was pounding just before it was her turn to go down the isle. But I had nothing to worry about. Now if Lyndon had that job, well, that would be another story. :)

After the wedding I could tell Maddie was so proud of herself. She then informed me that when she marries Lyndon (she just doesn't want to let that one go!) she wants to get married the same place that Mommy and Daddy did. In the Idaho Falls Temple. What a cutie.

After the ceremony we went straight to the reception. It was held at a lovely reception center downtown Round Rock. The food was delicious! Because the kids were at their limit we had to leave right after dinner even though Maddie was planning on dancing the night away again with Jonathon (like at the Daddy Daughter dance) I was disappointed because I was looking forward to trying this amazing wedding cake:
But, lucky us, Joe brought some over to us the next day! yahoo! It was every bit as delicious as I imagined it would be.

And this was just the greatest idea...It was a table filled to the brim with every candy you could think of. They had little sack and scoops that you could fill up a bag with your favorite candy! How cool is that? Maddie and Lyndon thought they'd dies and gone to heaven!

It was truly a fantastic weekend. We are so grateful to Mimi, Joe, Kidron and John for letting us be a part of it. It's something that Maddie will remember for the rest of her life. Actually the kids had such a great time that now Maddie will pretend to be Kidron, Lyndon is always Joe and they have me pretend to be Mimi. Fun times.


Cristiane Evans said...

Oh my goodness!!

That close up of Maddie is SO ADORABLE!!!

Amy said...

Wow! What memories! How exciting for a little girl. I love the candy idea too. Jon's little sister did that at her reception a couple years ago! If I could have it to do over again, I'd change so many things! Times have changed and there are so many new and fun ideas. At the time I didn't really even care about the details of my wedding, I just wanted to be married and move ahead in my life.

KML said...

Great pictures and commentary! Your kiddos are so CUTE! I wish you were coming to the family reunion this summer. I want Emily and Brian and their little cutie to meet you and your sweet family. (They are coming from New York.)