Saturday, April 10, 2010

So much to blog about with so little time...Per request of the kiddos I put on "Secrets of the Furious Five". So I should have a good, what...30 minutes? Why didn't they choose a full length film?? Darn. :) Here it goes:

We spent an incredible day at Zilker Park (downtown Austin) last week. The day was just beautiful. Perfect weather and great friends to share it with. We started out riding the Zilker Zephyr. A fun little train ride through part of the park. Halfway through the ride we were serenaded with some live music performed just for us in true Austin fashion. Sitting in front of Maddie and Lyndon are Harry and Gwen--two of their bosom buddies.
Right next to the train depot is Barton Springs. It's a naturally heated hot springs. But I think it's still a little too cold for me. :) I like my pool water as warm as my bath and Barton Springs is far from that. Maddie and Lyndon staring at the swimmers. I wonder if they feel like fish in a tank?
Lyndon was obsessed with chasing all the birds. And there were a lot of birds. He was running all over the place...halfway listening to me telling him to not go so far. This picture makes me laugh. Can you see that poor guy resting his head on the picnic table trying to take a nap? He's probably wishing Lyndon would quit chasing those darn birds! btw, Lyndon has his shirt off because he dumped his whole water bottle down the front of him. He was LOVING the freedom of no shirt. he felt liberated. I'm pretty sure he ran even faster without his shirt on. (if that's even possible.)
There was a huge fun playground right next to the train. This picture just doesn't do it justice. The kids loved it. I liked it too except that it was somewhat of a logistical nightmare trying to keep track of Lyndon in such a large place. He could maneuver in and through things almost faster than I could keep up with him. ...almost.

Here are the kids Easter outfits. I threw this shot in of Maddie because this is her "I-don't-want-to-do-it" look. Eyebrows furrowed, hands clenched tied in a nice bow with a scowl. I felt it was needed to document this look. :)

AAANNNDDDDD....we're back to happy Maddie. Phew. Giving each other a hug.

I love her expression. She really does love him.
I felt this look of Lyndon's also needed to be documented. This is the "I'm-copying-Madaline-grumpy" look. He's got the fist clenched thing going on but he hasn't quite captured the eyebrow furrow and scowl. I hope it never comes...

Yeah, so these Easter outfit pictures just seem to be about their silly expressions. I can't remember why Lyndon is making this expression but this is one of love from him...putting his head in his hands like he can't believe something just happened.

Love those big blue eyes.

A rare shot of the two of them. They are BOTH looking at the camera at the same time. Miracles.

And another Lyndon expression. One of my favs.

Here's we're doing a little Easter craft.

fyi: Lyndon recently had his hair trim. I know. :)

Easter Party at the Library.
Before the little egg hunt the librarian read an Easter book to the kids and then announced that there were two families who would like to perform the hand bells for us. Hmmm, that will be kinda nice, I thought. One of the mother's stood to introduce them and also to say that they would be playing FIVE songs for us. Including, Edelweiss, 2 I'd never heard of and 2 hymns. My first thought was, oh brother, Lyndon will never make it. But we were already trapped behind too many people to leave so I knew we were just going to push through. As they started to play I could see that Lyndon was intrigued. He was watching and listening very quietly. Then after about the second line of the first song is started looking around. And then proceeded to clap to the v-e-r-y s-l-o-w t-e-m-p-o. But obviously it was way too slow to his liking because he started to clap faster and faster urging the performers to pick up the pace. After my disapproving glance he stopped but I could see his little mind thinking how much cooler HE could have made this performance.

He made it through all 5 songs. I was impressed. (I barely made it.)
Snacks after the eggs hunting. (A reward for sitting through the hand bells.)

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park
The city holds a huge Easter egg hunt at Old Settlers Park every year. This was our first year attending. It was pretty fun. The kids found some candy so they were pleased. After the hunt we waited in a long hot line so the kids could go inside the fire truck. But just as it was almost our turn the Easter bunny came hopping on over, got in the firetruck and they rode away with us just staring in disbelief. Who does that Easter bunny think he is? Ugh. The kids were confused but they pretty much forgot about the whole thing.

Lyndon just needs a dirt pile to kick around. He doesn't need to be entertained by a fire truck OR the Easter bunny. :)

Easter Morning!
Here are their Easter baskets. Big thank you to both Grandma's and Grandpa's for supplying the Easter bunny with fun things. We showed Maddie and Lyndon the things that Grandma and Grandpa gave him to deliver to them. They thought it was pretty cool that he got to meet their Grandma's and Grandpa's.

Lyndon got a spider man punching bag. He's pretty good. Lyndon is really into super hero's. Spiderman, batman, ironman, and wolverine. I gotta say, Jon and I are pretty excited that he chooses super hero undies over princess undies. for a long time weren't sure which he would actually choose. He does, however, call his undies "panties" but we're working on it.

Egg hunt!

Lyndon found this ball and it looked close enough to him.

On Easter Sunday evening we were able to spend it with some good friends. Lonna made cheesy potatoes and ham and Christa made a homemade cheese ball! It was perfect and delicious. They kids played, had ANOTHER egg hunt and crashed just as soon as we got home. Perfect end to the perfect day.


Allen Family said...

cute, cute!! i am totally with you on the zilker park playground...craziness trying to keep up with kiddos with all the ladders and bridges. it's a great place though!! have you checked out the austin nature & science center boys LOVE it!?!

Cammie said...

You really did that post in 30 minutes! You're amazing!

Favorite part: Lyndon's pouty like Maddie face! That is so funny.

Kellie DeMille said...

What a fun Easter!! I love the new Easter clothes, you're kids are the cutest. How short did Lyndon's hair get trimmed?

Shy said...

I just LOVE your cute little family!
Wish we could see more of you! Can't wait until September! Love ya!

Amy said...

Those blue eyes are seriously award winning! Amazing! And your house looks so cute. I want to actually come see it in person sometime! You have always had great decorating taste. Even in college when "the boys" made fun of our grandma's house style decor! Looking forward to September too!

Lonna said...

That sure was a lot of Easter that you were able to cram into one week, I like the changing faces of Maddie, and Lyndon's impersonations.

You really did catch some perfect "Lyndon faces". Good work on the Easter baskets, those are the most stocked up baskets that I have seen, I think that we will be having grandparents contribute as the kids get older and want new cell phones or something like that, brilliant idea.

Just so you know, I do think that Lyndon can run faster without a shirt, after all he is a super hero.

renae nelson kingsley said...

Cute pictures! I love the beautiful blue eyes.