Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's the simple things...

Our house is clean. I'm talking like the floors are spic and span and the playroom isn't a sea of toys. And here's the kicker...we don't even have people coming over. It's just clean to be clean. Miracles.

They sure love each other.
Do ya like Lyndon's pathetic Dollar Store umbrella?


Shy said...

Good for you! You should get a prize or something! My house can go from clean to a total disaster in less than 10 min. I swear.

Lonna said...

What kind of red carpet treatment do you roll out when you do have people coming over?

Love the dollar store umbrella...there is just something very dollarish about it.

Gwen and Harrison were looking at this post with me, and when we got to the last photo of Lyndon in the sunglasses both of them said "cool dude". So there you have it, Lyndon is one cool dude.