Thursday, March 4, 2010

Naughty words.

Maddie LOVES to play on the computer. Her favorites sites are NickJr., Disney, PBSkids, Starfall and Barbie. We don't even have to help her get on the sites. She knows how to type in what she wants or scroll around in the list of "favorite" sites to find which one she wants.

She never closes her pages out so I come back to my computer to usually find some game or whatever she was working on. But a few days ago I sat down at my computer to find this screen:

Jonathon and I could not stop laughing. for a really long time. I wonder what she was doing? :)

Yay for rain!!!!

Maddie got this umbrella from Grandma and Grandpa Evans a while back. It was a huge hit. I think the kids pray for rain just so they can get out the umbrella.

We had a Family Home Evening on temples recently. The kids made these mini temples out of sugar cubes. They both modeled them after the Idaho Falls Temple. (Okay, it's true. I helped. a lot. I couldn't help myself.) I never told them they were made of sugar. I just said they were bricks. They both would've been popping them into their mouths faster then we could build them. :)

At the Park yesterday Maddie and Lyndon found some friends to play with. Maddie and a new friend were speaking to each other in one of those pipe communicator things. You know, you talk into one end and then your friend can hear you on the other end which is across the playground.) Lyndon wanted a turn so bad. He finally got his chance when Maddie's new friend got distracted by something and left her spot. He eagerly asked me to hold him up to the opening. As soon as he got close he grabbed the edges, leaned in really close and quickly yelled, "Heavenly Father, help us to be safe. In the name of....." Yep. said a whole prayer. right there in the middle of the park. I wonder if that's how he pictures talking to Heavenly Father. Like he's on the other end of the big pipe. I'd say he's not too far off.


Cristiane Evans said...

Yay for Lyndon converting other kids! hehe
I'm so proud of my nephew and niece. They rock!

The Laing Gang said...

We have Disney and Starfall on are favorites...I need to put PPBS kids on there. He has become a PBS fan lately. He loves Sesame Street, in particular, Abby's flying fairy school. I haven't been getting much done because Sesame Street totally entertains me and I have to sit down and watch!

Kellie DeMille said...

What a good idea for a FHE activity! Thanks. I pray for no rain, and Vegas has already hit our average amount of rainfall for the year in February. I am not a happy camper! I live in the desert for the dry weather and my backyard is still wet from our last rain (a week ago). The water has no where to go! Too bad Maddie is starting her naughty words so soon, I was six or so when my potty mouth started :)

Shy said...

I love the story about Lyndon and his prayer pipe! Kids can teach us so much! Can't wait to hopefully see you in Sept! Love ya!