Friday, March 19, 2010

Man of her dreams

As we were getting out of the car, Maddie, Lyndon, and I were discussing what Jonathon and I were going to wear to the temple later that day. (Okay, so Lyndon couldn't care less about our clothing but was actually making his way to the drivers seat so that he could drive us all to Paris. That, however, is another post.)
Maddie then says to Lyndon, who isn't listening but turning the steering wheel back and forth like he's driving in the Indy 500, "Lyndon, did you know that's where we're getting married?"
I thought she might as well know, so I told her that people don't marry their brothers or sisters. I explained further that Daddy and I weren't brother and sister, we met, got to know each other and then got married. She still looked a little puzzled so I went on, "You'll marry someone that isn't in our family right now. Someone like Harry." (Harry is a little cutie pie that Maddie and Lyndon are friends with.)
She stood in the garage and thought quietly.
And then thought some more.
and even a little more. Then finally said in a slow concerned voice,
"But does Harry know how to dance?"
Apparently being a good dancer is the number one criteria for her future spouse.


Bullock said...

Ha! That's awesome! When Miah was 4 she would ask Dallas to dance with her and then say "now we're married." They must be on to something!


Lonna said...

If dancing is what it takes to make a perfect spouse then we are enrolling Harrison into some serious dancing classes.

I will admit that he does wear a mean pair of dress up shoes and he can even run in them, he can out eat me in pretty much everything, and I will admit that after a bath when he is squeaky clean he is quite handsome, but if dancing is the ticket then I guess we better get started.

The Jen said...

That pic makes me laugh out loud. Gwen and Jeffer just got married today. Gwen said they just fell in love and got married. I tried to explain the whole incest thing and she gets it, but she doesn't care. They even exchanged gifts!

Karen said...

LOL! That Maddie is simply adorable! How do you ever NOT smile around those two? Ok so I know how, but really they are both so cute!