Monday, March 15, 2010


Having grown up in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Idaho Falls I was blessed with lots and lots of "grandma's and grandpa's". Instead of running around with a bunch of neighborhood kids our own age my sisters, brother and I got to hang out with the elderly folks, our friends. What a cool way to grow up. We heard stories about life before telephones, cars and even, yes, the internet. It has truly made me a better character learning about their loves, their struggles and their inspiring experiences. But along with having friends who are 60+ years older than you comes too many phone calls from my parents informing me of their passing.

On Sunday our good friend, Ilse Boettcher, passed away. She was 95. She grew up in Germany. Married her true love. Had babies. And then in a story as if from a movie, escaped with her family from war ridden Germany to come and live in America. I plan to write about her incredible story one day.

She had an amazing testimony of the gospel. Her faith was unwavering. She was clever and witty. She would always have some little wise crack to make during Relief Society. She definitely livened things up a bit. After my Dad was called as Bishop of their ward she said to me with a grin on her face and a thick German accent, "Now I can go. I can finally die because I know your Dad will take care of things." I thought she was joking, but apparently not.

I'm going to miss you, Ilse. But I'm sure glad you are now with your sweet Hans.

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Kellie DeMille said...

So sorry to hear about one of your "grandmas". It is comforting to know about the after life and that she is truly happy and with her family. I got the tatoo earrings on a site called let me know if you buy any, I think they're awesome!!