Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christmas 2010--Blair, NE!

This is how I picture Jonathon's parents house at Christmas time...nice, isn't it?

We had a great Christmas this year. Jonathon's whole family was able to come together this year. I was the first one to join their family 8 years ago and since then we've gone from 7 people to 15! It's always fun when we get together. This year was no exception. :)

Due to tradition, after all the kiddos are asleep on Christmas eve night the adults start dividing up the gifts and putting them in piles for each person. The trick this year was finding a spot for everyone to sit! Jonathon's Aunt Keely and Uncle Les also join the Evans for Christmas as does his Aunt Karla. So there were 21 people total! Phew. Talk about a lot of gifts! Christmas eve night to me is Jim's super yummy dinner, Kris's Christmas cookies, everyone dividing up the gifts, Jim and/or Kris putting m&m's in everyone's stocking and then everyone hanging around and talking when it's all over. See picture below. cozy and happy.

Christmas morning...

Maddie got a special letter from Santa....

And she got exactly what she asked Santa for: A "Go-Go My Walkin' Pup Furr-real Pet" Yeah, that's really the name of it and she said the whole title each and every time she asked for it.

A little zhu-Zhu love.

Lyndon got "Toothless" from "How to Train your Dragon"

Okay, this was funny/a little annoying...Kris made matching PJ's for all the grandson's. Lyndon, Adam and Daniel. I thought, oh how cute would it be to get a picture in front of the tree of all of them?! Yeah, what a joke. I was dealing with two 3 year old boys, one of which did not want to sit even for a second, the other who is deathly afraid of babies (see picture below) and the third and youngest who was being very cooperative. It just wasn't meant to be. The only thing I got was a picture demonstrating Lyndon's phobia of people who are littler than he is. classic.

I got to do a little photo shoot of Daniel and his folks. What a cutie, huh?

Maddie and Lyndon got a Mind Blowing Science kit. All 3 kids were having a ball! :)

I threw in this picture just cause I love the heck out of this guy.

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Kellie DeMille said...

What a fun Christmas! I love the mantle with a billion stockings, too fun! I had no idea Lyndon was so afraid of babies, I'm still chuckling a bit about it. What a cutie :)