Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let it snow---in texas!

Snow in Texas!! The night before we heard reports that there were "Chances of snow" but I didn't really pay too much attention. I don't have kids who go to school or a husband who drives to work so I knew it wouldn't effect us much if it did snow. Friday morning I woke up and immediately put my flip flops on to take the trash to the curb. (We use to have trash days 2 times a week so we'd get lazy and think, ah, they're coming again in a couple of days I won't worry about putting it out. We still have that lazy attitude but now they only come once a week. Not a good combo. So you can imagine the trash that had built up.) I opened the garage door and let out a little gasp to find a blanket of soft white snow was covering everything! It was kinda magical. The neighbors were all outside, kids were playing and adults were talking about how crazy it is to have snow.

I hurried to get Maddie and Lyndon to show them. They were equally as surprised and excited. They immediately got their warm clothes on. (Lyndon tried to get away with flip flops. He's a warm weather boy.) They played and played and played. I took pictures and after 5 minutes was freezing. I kept asking if they were ready to head back inside but they kept on going. (I did end up putting on shoes, btw.)

Lyndon was excited, like a little puppy. He couldn't hold still he kept running, sliding, jumping, name the motion, he was doing it.

He would make a little snowball and throw it at the house.

I finally lured them inside with promises of Hot chocolate. Yes, I'm smart like that.

As it turns out the snow DID end up effecting me. At around noon the snowed had melted but it was still pretty cold so I thought I would take the kids to Ikea. Look around, have lunch, just enjoy the bliss of Ikea. We drive into the lot to fidn it Completely empty. What the...? So I pull around to the entrance. The sign on the door said, "Due to inclement weather, Ikea will be closed until tomorrow at 11am." I couldn't believe it! Kind of funny but mostly annoying. It's funny what an inch of snow will do to a community that never gets an inch of snow!

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Kellie DeMille said...

Oh Ikea, how I love you so! If only they had one in Vegas, I would be the happiest girl ever. I love the picture of Lyndon's blue coat and blue eyes, so awesome!