Monday, March 7, 2011

our little fashion designer

Maddie loves to create and design. Especially clothing. We woke up one morning to find that while she was "going to bed" she fashioned a beautiful wedding gown complete with veil for her Aurora piggy bank. What was it made out of? ...wet wipes.

Not too shabby if I dare say so myself.


Heather said...


Lonna said...

Can't go wrong with a wedding dress made up of wipes, it will take all the spills and no need to worry.

I think that it may be time for her to move on to a sketch pad, she will be taking Vera Wang's place in no time.

dana said...

okay, you're right. that's a really cool dress! I'm impressed! And funny, i was looking at our roll of papertowels the other day and thinking what a cool dress they would make (they have a neat embossed pattern on them and they're all white). Maddie and I should hang out, bounce ideas off each other :)