Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tea Parties!

Lyndon loves a good dress-up session. His favorite outfit lately is his pirate costume. He got his striped pirate pants from Grandma and Grandpa Evans, his Halloween pirate shirt from Target and recently acquired his pirate vest and hat from his friend, Lucy's, birthday party. To give you an idea of how much he loves his outfit in a 72 hour period he had his costume on for a good 60 hours.

One day I came up to the playroom to find Lyndon by himself having a little pirate tea party.

Speaking of tea parties...on Wednesday the kids got to go to a fun tea party at one of the local libraries. There was live music, TONS of tea party food including mini cupcakes, cookies, finger sandwiches, fruit, juice and of course...tea. They ate everything, except for the tea, ironically. :) They were asked to bring their own teacup, saucer and plate. Notice what color Lyndon's was...

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Shy said...

Kael has that same pirate shirt. I count myself lucky when it actually makes it to the laundry pile! You have the cutest kids!