Sunday, March 27, 2011

To the park

We took a trip to Old Settlers Park last week. I jogged around the path while pushing the kids in the stroller. (It used to be a lot easier when they were smaller!) While I was jogging I appreciated Lyndon chanting, "faster, faster, faster!!!" I made a little scavenger hunt for Maddie to keep her occupied during the ride. It kept her nice and busy.

Before we left I mentioned I was planning on packing a lunch for them to eat at the park. Before I could get to it Maddie had already packed everything for the two of them! She packed her leftover burrito and goldfish crackers for her and Nilla wafers and goldfish for Lyndon. She also threw in a juice box for each of them and a water bottle and an apple for me. She even labeled their goldfish bags! What a cutie.

side note: as she was putting on her skinny jean in the morning they were just out of the dryer and she was having a hard time getting them on. As she was struggling to pull them up she said, "These jeans are going to be painted on!"

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Cristiane Evans said...

What a big girl!!! Love you all