Monday, April 18, 2011

My photography ebook is finished!!

I finished it!! I actually finished my book on my April 1st deadline. I've always said, "A goal, if not written down, is only a dream". This goes to show that writing down your goals really does help you accomplish them. I have to give a huge, gigantic, colossal, enormous thanks to Jonathon. I have a husband who is beyond supportive it every aspect of my life. If I have a dream, he does everything he can to help me accomplish it. He motivated me, encouraged me, watched the kids (including watching them the entire week of my deadline), and became my technical go-to guy. He helped me create and launch the website and took care of all of the other technical stuff that I would have driven me crazy. So THANK YOU, Jonathon. I love you so much.

I decided to write this book for a number reasons.The first was because I have many friends and acquaintances who recently bought a dslr but were so frustrated with not knowing exactly what to do and how to produce awesome pictures. I knew if they just understood some key and basic information they would be able to use that to finally get the most of their cameras and be successful. Another reason I wrote the book, and probably the main reason, was to help other people have the ability to document their lives and their family's lives in a creative and memorable way.

What I truly love about photography, is the ability to capture the story of my own family. I treasure the pictures that I have of my kids, our interactions together, and their sweet personalities. It’s so important to me to be able to document their lives (and our life), in this way. I want to offer all the information I have in my repertoire so that others can create an album of treasured memories to last a lifetime.

The book is geared toward the person who owns a digital slr. (The kind of camera that has interchangeable lenses.) But it's also beneficial to the person who has a point and shoot. I start out teaching (in simple, easy to understand terms) what exposure, aperture and shutter speed is all about, how they relate and why they are so important to understand. I talk about camera and lenses and why I use what I use. I discuss camera settings, lighting, composition and I even walk through my whole editing process. I’ve included tons of pictures that will help the reader follow along very easily. Overall it’s a great resource for anyone who just wants to learn how to take better pictures.

Here is the website for the book. If you want to buy it you can have $2.00 off my using the discount code: familyandfriends.

Here are a few pages from the book to give you an idea of what it looks like and what it's about...

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