Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grandma and heck of a great week!

My parents have been here this last week. They went home today. The house is always a little empty when they leave. I love having the folks come to visit. We relax, play, eat, talk, watch movies...all the fun stuff. I've always loved being with my parents...even as a teenager. I was never one of those kids that thought hanging out with their parents wasn't cool. We've always been good friends. I'm grateful for that.

I didn't take my camera everywhere but I was able to highlight a few of our activities. Just about every day we woke up and went to exercise either at the gym or jog around the trail at the park. It was usually just my Dad and I jogging. I loved our conversations. I was a little out of breath at times because jogging comes a little easier for him but I throughout enjoyed our time together.

Some highlights of the week: eating homemade kettlecorn just about every evening, trying out new recipes, Jonathon and I going on a date, talking talking and more talking, going downtown to ride the train and go canoeing, eating lunch at The oasis, Lyndon snuggling Grandpa while he read, Grandma making fun crafts and treats with the kids, surprisingly early bedtimes because we were all tired out, shopping with my Mom, laughing and just being together.

Thanks Mom and Dad for another memorable week together. We can't wait until July!!!

My Mom sewing while Maddie looks on. This reminds me of when I was little. I used to do the same thing while she sewed.

Maddie being her silly self.

Canoeing downtown on Lady Bird Lake.

The Austin skyline from the lake.

Jonathon pretty much paddled the entire time...

...while I did this. Actually I didn't just put my feet up, I was mostly taking pictures. :)

Eating lunch at The Oasis overlooking Lake Travis. It was such a beautiful day.

Lake Travis

This was Jonathon being...well, Jonathon. Every time I thought we got a good picture my mom (who was taking the picture) would start to laugh because he keep making different faces.

Ahhh, there it is...

My Mom's strawberry pecan salad. Yummy.

My Dad fixed our leaky sink in the bathroom! We are so appreciative!

My Mom always does fun little crafts with the kids. Here they got to design a little stuffed animal. They drew it on paper and then my mom helped them create it using felt and stuffing.

Lyndon's final project.

Maddie's final project.

This was her picture she used to design it.

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