Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter countdown

Maddie and Lyndon are constantly making me smile. I wish I could bottle up their cuteness and pull it out when they're all grown up. The thought of them not being little makes me a a bit sad. Jonathon and I were reflecting on how fast they grow up right before our eyes. This time while they are so young and carefree is short. That's why I have to make sure I document it as much as I can so we can always go back and remember.

Lyndon still loves superheros. Tonight he's Batman...

I love this picture. Maddie and Lyndon LOVE our neighbors, Memi and Joe. Here they are yelling to them from across the street. There's Memi's red Cruiser and Joe's Yellow truck.

He had to go get his Batman figurines to play with him.

This was funny...Maddie and Lyndon made our room into a "Theater". They lined a bunch of chairs up in front of the computer to watch a Playhouse Disney show. Jonathon came up to check on them and in response to their invitation he took a seat. After several minutes he got up and announced that he had to go get some work done to which Lyndon exclaimed, "Off you go!"
Then I came in a while later to see them and as I entered the room Lyndon pointed to the best seat in the house and said, "Sit here, my Lady!"

Making Easter nests...

Licking the bowl...the best part!

I decided I needed to take more pictures of me with the kids. I want them to see us interacting not just have me MIA behind the camera. So without me even asking Maddie asked if she could take a picture of Lyndon and me. He's giving me kisses but his face is all marshmellowly...that's always fun.

We went to the annual city of Round Rock Easter Egg hunt. We've been almost every year since we moved here. Always fun. ALWAYS a crazy amount of people. But the kids had a great time. Here they are in the Monsters Inc. bounce house. We were there early before tehe mad rush so they were able to do a lot of the activities before the crowds showed up.

Waiting for the hunt to start!

And they're off! Jonathon took Maddie so I didn't get any pictures of her in action. But from seeing her bag in the end...she did great!

We had to dump all the candy out of the bags and de-fire ant everything! Ugh, Texas and their fire ants!!

Face painting

airbrush tatoos

And we couldn't pass by Shipley's Donuts without stopping and enjoying a little sugar rush in the morning! Yum!!

Not quite as good as Round Rock donuts but they were still pretty tasty!


Cammie said...

Always the donut connoisseur!
What a fun holiday week for you and your family. I love the pictures Maddie took of you and Lyndon!

Shy said...

You're such a great Mom with such adorable blue eyed kiddos!