Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chalk Walk--Round Rock

Rachel (Jonathon's sister) had a big part in the annual chalk walk downtown Round Rock this year. We have never gone before but wanted to go and support Rachel so we went this year. I'm so glad we did. It turned out to be a cool event. We all had a great time.


Lonna said...

That does look like fun. Gotta love something that offers chalk, painting, and face painting was that the Biscuit Brothers singing in the background? I am sad that we missed out on such a creative time.

And by the way that is one of the cleverest pirate face paints that I have seen, adding the bandana on the forehead was genius.

dana said...

oh that looks so fun! We'll have to go next year. Georgetown has an art festival in the square that we went to last month but this looks way better.

Robed in Raindrops said...

Hey! It's Kidron, Joe and Melysa's daughter. Wanted to let you know that I saw 1 of your photos posted on It's a great website and obviously people are a fan of your work. Hope all is well!


Katie Evans Photography said...

Hi Kidron!! Thanks for your comment! I tried to view your blog but for some reason I'm unable to. I hope all is well with you and I look forward to seeing you. Christmas, perhaps? :)