Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun in the Sun

At least a couple times each week was spent at the pool this summer. We would pack up a bunch of snacks and have our friends meet up with us. It was so fun. (Besides the crazy heat!) The kids would play and play and we would talk and talk. Once school started because it was still too hot to do anything else, we would still go to the pool. But this time it was just the boys (and baby Stella). All of the girls started kindergarten this year so while they were at school, we played at the pool. It was funny because the first couple of times we were there without the girls the boys, all separately, asked where Maddie, Gwen and Lucy were! But lucky for us, they boys played so well together.

A few weeks ago, Dana, Lonna and I went and got pedicures. Looking at my toenails now I'm thinking it's time for another Girls night. :)


Lonna said...

Oh looking at these makes me really miss the summer and your pool. I agree it is time to get out sans the kids.

It is kind of cold and windy today and those swimsuit days even though they were just weeks ago feel like they were way too long ago.

dana said...

can you tell I'm super behind on your blog :).
And just like Lonna...I'm all of a sudden missing summer looking at these pics! It's freaking hot, yes. But it's really fun to sit by the pool. I guess we'll be doing it again soon enough. :)

dana said...

and p.s. you have some amazingly cute shots in here. Everything is so bright and vibrant. Love the photography.