Friday, March 27, 2009

And we're home...

Before I dive into our festivities from Idaho, here are a few funnies from none other than Maddie...

One morning I'm getting ready in the bathroom while Maddie is brushing her teeth. She stops, looks at me and said quite matter-of-fact, "Mom, just so you know, I now brush my tongue because that's what they told me to do on the commercial." ...And some people think that TV is bad for your kids...HAH!

While in Idaho my parents took us out to eat and the waitress gave us some mints before we left. I gave one to Maddie and there was still one left. She took it, put it in her pocket and announced that she was going to save this last mint for Daddy. Later that evening I notice from across the room that she just remembered that the mint was in her pocket. She took it out, looked at it for a second and then called out for me. (She didn't know I was watching her this whole time.) She walked over and said, "Um, Daddy said that he doesn't like mints." ...pause...pause (she's waiting for my reaction) Then she said as she held 2 fingers up, "Daddy said he REALLY wants me to have TWO mints." We had a little chat about telling lies. Silly girl.

For the first 2 days of our trip we got to spend some time with my dear and long time friend, Shyla and her cute family. Shyla and I have been close friends ever since the 8th grade grade. That's 17 years folks...17 years! We have so many memories together.
It was fun to be able to catch up with her. Our kids played together and Shyla cooked for us. Incidentally she makes the BEST bread ever. AND she does it all by mixer, no nothing. Quite impressive.

I was hoping to meet up with another close friend, Amy, but it just wasn't meant to be. Oh how I missed her though. We were so close yet so far away. Amy and I have been friends since high school. We were even college roomies.

I did, however, get to see another friend from high school...who I haven't seen SINCE high school, Kelly. She is still as cute and cheerful as ever. It was fun to catch up with her.

Here are a few pictures of Shyla's 3 kiddos...(the boys LOVE TMNT!!!)
There are more pics of Shyla's kids on my photo blog.

Shyla loves her kids so much. She's such a good mom and it shows in her happy kids faces.

Her oldest is Hadlee. She just turned 8. Hadlee was so great with Maddie and Lyndon. She made the kids laugh so hard.

****HUGE thanks to Shyla for a fun few days!*****

On to Idaho...
We had a blast just being with each other and making new memories. I got to see a lot of people that I only get to see every once in a while. I loved my visit with my good friend, Apryl, from high school. She has got to be one of the most cheerful people I know. She still makes me laugh.
And I'm so glad we decided to go to Home Fabrics one day because I ran into another good friend, Karla. Oh how I love Karla. Just thinking about her puts a smile on my face.
AND I got to see my more than cute, sister-in-law, Rachel. She's going to BYU-I so she drove on over to IF for a visit. I love this girl. She is truly a sister. I have to say Maddie was a bit dissapointed to learn that Ellie (Rachel's dog) wasn't coming with her. When Maddie heard that she would be seeing Rachel she immediately said, "and Ellie too?"
Here are some pictures from the trip...
Lyndon helping himself to the pan of Mac-n-cheese.
Just hanging out, eating red vines.

Maddie and Lyndon are pretending to be puppies...this happens a lot. They recently like to show their puppy love to me by licking my face. Um, that has to stop.

Just being silly...
Maddie found a Chuck-E-Cheese coin. She was SOOOO excited. But soon deflated after she learned that the closest Chuck-E. Cheese was in Utah. WAY too far to go for lunch.

Lyndon thought it would be fun to put the lens cap on my camera while I was taking his picture...

Enjoying a pudding snack... You'll notice the spoon sitting RIGHT next to him. Apparently he's too good for the spoon. Check out the pudding blobs that are running down his chest...classy.

Byron took the kids and I to a pizza/play place.
They had this HUGE play structure for the kids. (and me) There was this slide that was seriously so long, steep and FAST. Lyndon went down it first...all by HIMSELF. He didn't even flinch or hesitate...Maddie and I want down TOGETHER...I was glad I had someone to hang on to. :)

They earned a whopping TWO tootsie rolls with all the tickets they won. Maddie is sweetly helping Lyndon unwrap his while he waits with anticipation.

Some pictures of Maddie at my parents house...

I kind of got a little sentimental while I was in Idaho Falls. There are so many places and businesses that will forever just be the Idaho falls that I love and remember. I never want to forget them so I decided to go around and take some pictures of what Idaho falls is to me. Starting with Hawthorne...This is my elementary school. Our house was about 8 blocks away from the school (which pretty much felt like 8 miles) and I walked to and from school everyday. Yes I still feel picked on. :) But really I had some fun times with my sisters during our walks. I know those blocks so well I think I could pick out every crack in the sidewalk. I loved Hawthorne. I'm proud to be a Hawthorne Hawk.

This is the fountain at Tauphaus park. There's no water right now (it's still winter there, ya know.) My friends and I use to put soap in the fountain so it would completely suds up. (okay, we only did it once but I felt so rebellious and cool.) But another time we went late at night and played in the fountain. (obviously, we were really the rule breaking type!)
I have such good memories of the fountain.
This, my friends, is Idaho Falls Amusement Park which consists of 5 rides.

If you ever go to IF, you have to eat at Smittys. This place is just part of Idaho Falls. They have the best food and service. Get the potato pancakes, you won't be disappointed.
Okay, if you've never had a Fiesta Ole' crisp bean're missing out. So good. AND everything is so cheap. Their tator tots are just called "tots" and they have plenty of fry sauce to dip them in.
This is a picture over looking the snake river. This area is known as "the greenbelt". There is a paved path that goes around this part of the river where people walk/jog/bike. This is also where "the falls" are located. I love the greenbelt. ESPECIALLY on the 4th of July. Don't even get me started with Idaho Falls on the's truly the best. (that will be another post by itself)
Notice the large building...(large for Idaho Falls)...this is a hotel that used to be called "The Westbank". My friends and I use to go the the top floor (The eighth) and look out over the river. We even had dinner in the stairwell of the 8th floor for one of our famous girls choice dances. What good memories.

Here are the falls. Not too "fally" but still nice. And the water tower is a familiar sight.

I had to take some pictures of the Idaho Falls Temple. It's located downtown right across from the greenbelt. It use to be one of only 2 temples that didn't have a gate around it. I loved that about Idaho Falls.
Then I returned home from my mission only to find a gate.

This is the downtown area. Just quaint and old...

Okay, another place you HAVE to visit is Scotty's. This place has been here forever. It hasn't changed. What to order? ...french fries and a fresh banana shake, of course.

This is Farrells Uphosltery.
I've never understood why they have a picture of a childs bum on their sign. Can anyone explain?... anyone? I would love for this mystery to be solved once and for all.
Here's another true IF landmark...
The wooden Indian. I remember driving past it as a little girl and thinking...who carved this and why? I still wonder.

Okay, now for all of you who did grow up in Idaho Falls...Tell me you too dreamed of sliding down this church everytime you drove past it. To be honest, I still kind of want to try it.
Dear Idaho Falls,
Thanks for all the great memories. I feel honored that I got to grow up on your streets. (well, in a house on your streets.) Thanks for letting me live in a place where I always felt safe and secure. My own little little corner of the world that I loved and still do. You helped form me into the person I am today, one that still believes in the value of hometown pride and loving your neighbor.
Yours Truely,

Maddie wanted to "pretend to be sleeping puppies" and then take a picture... your wish is my command...

After a beautiful week full of spring weather a snowsotrm hit us. The ONLY person excited about it was
She told my Mom how much she loved the snow and snowed. My mom said she ordered it especially for her.
If you can't tell, I'm taking pictures from INSIDE the house. I'm a whimp.
Lyndon wanted to get in on the action... so grandma is getting him all bundles up.

Byron playing with them...

Lyndon lasted about 1 minuted and then this is how he enjoyed to snow fall...
Like mother like son.

All in all we had a GREAT time in Idaho Falls. I got to spend a lot of time with my sister, Lindsey. It was so nice because I don't think we have ever really had the opportunity to just hang out with each other as adults. I always lived too far away and the opportunity just never presented itself. This was finally our time. I just can't tell you what an amazing person she is. She's the MOST giving and loving person I think I have ever known. She's fun and easy to talk to and I grew to love her even more over our visit.
It was also fun to see the new Bishop of the 3rd ward in Dad. I remember about a year ago that my Dad mentioned that he gets up really early each morning and reads his scriptures. I never knew he did that. Not that my Dad isn't a spiritual guy, he just doesn't show it as much as others do. So I was impressed and inspired when I heard that. It made me start reading my scriptures daily once again. The 3rd ward is pretty lucky.
It was so so so great seeing Jonathon again when we returned. We are literally never apart so 2 weeks was forieghn to us. ESPECIALLY Maddie. She really missed her dad. She repeated that she "just wanted her Dad" more times than I could count. I wish I recorded their reunion.
It was sweet.


Kellie DeMille said...

Katie, you're too cute. I laugh all the time when I read your posts. I grew up in crazy Vegas, it must be nice to have somewhere to go home to. In Vegas nothing lasts longer than 20 years before they knock it down and build something bigger on top of it.

Amy said...

I love this post! If anyone asks me about IF, I will send them the link! Beautiful photos too, as usual.
And that is so exciting about your dad! He will make a great bishop! He has always been so fun and easy to be around.
Sorry I missed you this time around. I'm glad you and Shy had a good time. And how fun to see Apryl and Kelly!
Until next time...
Love ya!

Shy said...

I love to read your posts! And, I loved the ode to Idaho! And yes I too have dreamed of sliding down the roof of that church! You're so great! I can't believe we have been friends for 17 years! I have never done the math! I guess good things do come to those who wait huh?
Love ya!

Nicole said...

I love it! You totally made me want to go home. It is funny how I have so many similar memories of growing up there. I would have to say the best thing at Scotty's is their fresh raspberry shakes though. I REALLY miss the 4th of July there. The wooden indian? I don't get it either. Good job capturing the memories. Great pictures.

KML said...

Thanks for your great post. You inspire me to work on my blog more often! We are going to Idaho in a week and a half to see Tyler graduate. I'll think of you as we go through Idaho Falls! Your photos are fabulous, as always.

Melissa said...

Hey Katie,
Love the pictures....your kids are so cute! What can you tell me about Boise Idaho. My husband and I see cheap flights there and thought for a adventure trip we would fly to Boise.....find a place after we get there and see the sights.....another choise is Austin lived there for a while didn't you? Any input appreciated

Erin Cummings said...

We're so glad you're home now!

Cammie said...

That was fun to see things that I only heard about in Katy. Do you realize how much you missed IF? I never knew a person could love an area so much. But then, you have a great capacity to love, so I shouldn't be surprised.
Love the pictures of the temple! And Lyndon, I still just want to squeeze him!

Ashlee said...

Katie - I found your blog through Amy. I want to steal your IF pictures! Can I please paste them on my blog? I don't want to forget them and you perfectly captured IF! Love the post and happy to have found your blog! :) You are super talented! Ashlee (Oler)

Ashlee said...

Thanks for letting me copy your pictures! I will give you full credit of course! :) We moved to San Diego a week ago to start a business. We sold our company in Phoenix in January and have come to do the same thing (Property Management!) in San Diego. :) It will be great to be back in touch! :)

carroll said...

Hi Kate,
It was so wonderful having you all here. It is fun looking at your blog it makes me appreciate Idaho Falls more looking through your eyes. It means a lot knowing you have such wonderful memories.
About the bare bottom at Ferrels,
its an upholstry shop (seat covers) get it?
Dad said the wooden Indian was carved by a man traveling around to different reservations where they had different tribes. He found someone to donated a tree and set it up then he would donate his time carving it this was in honor of the tribes. Dad saw this story in one of his woodworking books. I guess there are quite a few all over the United States. I think you can google it and find the story. Love Mom

KatieB said...

gorgeous pictures katie!

The Laing Gang said...

All I can do is sigh...